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Resistance or Revolution? Oct 02, 2018
I recently attended the RAAD Festival in San Diego, CA. It was pretty amazing and thought-provoking. I want to be healthy until I die, and not suffer from the diseases that make late life so miserable. I am pro-active in terms of supplementing with bio-identical hormones, and I wanted to learn more (not to mention that I am in the field of health!)

The presentations were about cutting edge therapies involving genetic therapy, stem cells, epigenetics, biologics, natural substances that do very...

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Now is the Time - To Get Comfortable on the Wild Ride! Jun 14, 2018

The sweetness of early summer is upon us – fresh growth, flowers scenting the air, and thunderstorms that enliven us. We have our dreams and reveries and plans – for relaxation, easy socializing and a more graceful, less pressured life. And for a great many of us, it is against this relaxed backdrop that there is tremendous change and transformation going on.

I am not an astrologer but have learned over the years how much these really BIG energies affect us. I can easily see...

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Wherever You Go, There You Are Feb 23, 2017

Some of you are aware I have been on a mini-sabbatical since last fall, only teaching and working with my graduate-level students until the next Energy Awareness and Healing Practicum in April. During my sabbatical, I had the wonderful offer of a cottage in the Scottish Highlands for a month! In my Scottish travels, I ended up doing healing work wherever I went. Along the way, I also used my intuitive skills to tap into some pretty amazing energies. Being able to align my Hara and drop into...

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The Nation is Suffering Nov 23, 2016

America is rocked, shaken to the core. Our world – or our idea of our world – is broken. Broken for people who are fighting for their survival and exhibiting those base instincts that are generated from that place – fear, anger, hate. Broken for people who were complacent, even smug, that a continual, upward progressive spiral in society’s values was a given. The only given is that there is suffering, and relief from suffering can be sought in cultivating...

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A Rebel with Oh So Many Causes Oct 29, 2016

"The forms of Zen Buddhism – black robes, chanting, incense and sitting in zazen– seemed all too familiar to me, echoes of many past lives."

I recently became lay-ordained as a Zen Buddhist. I have been hanging around Zen temples since my teens, but was never much interested in studying the literature and linage of the form. Of course I picked up some of those teachings along the way – more than I had thought, actually – but I was drawn to Zen because of its main...

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Kindred Spirits - The Plant World Sep 27, 2016

The McKay Method® Graduate Retreat

In addition to the Graduate Celebration, the Retreat is an opportunity to reconnect with The McKay Method® community every year. We typically explore an area we don’t normally cover in classes, such as working with land, plant, animal and mineral energies. This year we communicated with ancient trees and made prayer flags to adorn the graduation tree. Two of the presentations were specifically about plant energies - another was about...

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The Master Designer Apr 26, 2016

It has long been commonly said that we only use 10% of our brain’s potential. Whether that exact number is accurate or not, the idea that we have this unused brain real estate has fostered much speculation about what’s possible for humanity.

Like in the film Lucy, where Scarlett Johanssen walks into a room and knocks everyone unconscious with a thought (and that’s only at 60%), we dream of power. Not just the physical powers of the current gaggle of superheroes, but mental...

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The Healing Energy of Community Apr 06, 2016

I have written about the importance of grounding your spirituality with a specific practice and about the energetic and physical dimensions of health. Now I would like to address the importance of connecting to a larger body, a community of like-minded people. This can take many forms, from a religious congregation or sangha to a book club to a hiking group; any group of people that meets on a regular basis to engage in activity and conversation.

It has been well-documented that people who...

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Our True Legacy Dec 17, 2015

We are egocentric creatures; the world is organized around the self. Even when faced with the absolute certainty of death, we look for ways to extend the self and live on in posterity. Some build monuments or libraries, create works of art, businesses, and charities… some forego the building and donate money to carry their name forward into the future. That our name is spoken, known and acknowledged is important to us even though we will be gone.

Those of us with fewer resources or...

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Summer Fun May 28, 2015

It's finally time to play outdoors, go on vacation, get engaged with the bigger world and learn something new. If you are new to the world of Energy Awareness, we encourage you to come on out for the first one-day McKay Method energy class ever!

The Energy Awareness Hands-On Class will be like a day in adult summer camp where you can introduce yourself to a whole new way of thinking and interacting with your world - plus feel good in your body, meet new friends and pack a sack...

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Bear's Spring Break Mar 27, 2015

Everyone needs a spring break, and if you live in Montana, you need to go somewhere else for spring in March! I was in San Francisco and Salt Lake City, and both were blooming. Hopefully, you are feeling a renewal in your own life as we shift into the seasons of growth and liveliness.

This spring break centered around my meditation practice. I have meditated and hung out in Zen temples since I was a teenager, but I was never interested in any formal study of Buddhism. I’m big on direct...

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How Energy Impacts Our Health and Wellbeing Feb 18, 2015

What exactly is energy healing?
The word healing indicates that all aspects of a person are involved, with the understanding that these different aspects are connected - including our immediate physical concerns. Indeed our spiritual, emotional, psychological states have direct physical impacts. You can’t deny the physiological impacts of anger (increased heart rate, rapid breathing, an adrenaline rush), depression (a weakened immune system, loss of appetite), and stress (high blood...

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