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Down to Earth Apr 18, 2024

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Since the eclipse some people are still experiencing more intensity in the form of physical or emotional dysregulation. With all the extra energy from the sun, maybe you are too! The “solar maximum” lasts through November. We want to take advantage of the positive solar input AND protect ourselves from negative environmental energies. Grounding is important in both situations, and a strong boundary helps eliminate the impact of the pervasive...

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Energy Fields, Personal and Collective Mar 20, 2020

Last time I wrote about the group energy field, and how a big contraction can affect us. Now I want to look at your home energy field – something we have more control over!

Hugge (hoo-ga) is derived from a Norwegian word for "well-being". It embodies feelings of comfort through enjoying the simple things in life. Relaxation, togetherness and appreciation are its hallmarks. With intention, and a look at what we build into the structure of our day, we can shift from a negative perspective...

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