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Ancestor Altars - Connect while the Veil is Thin... Oct 15, 2021

Ah, Halloween… a very popular holiday these days! It started as the Celtic/pagan festival of Samhain, to welcome the harvest and usher in the “dark part of the year.”

Celebrants believed that the barriers between the physical world and the spirit world break down at this dark time, allowing more interaction between humans and denizens of the Otherworld. In ancient Europe, many pagan celebrations of the dead took place in the fall and consisted of bonfires, dancing, and...

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Personal Altars - Our Link to the Divine Oct 22, 2020

Let’s get personal…

What is an altar? It brings a connection to spirit into everyday life. Whatever the context - whether it’s an altar in a specific religious location, or one in our homes, people have always naturally been drawn to create these reminders.

In fact, you may have an “altar” without labeling it as such. Whether it’s small or large, placed on a bedside table, fireplace mantle, windowsill or kitchen counter, it’s a collection of items...

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Altars from Times Past Oct 16, 2020

Sacred sites drew people to pray, bury the dead and honor their transition to the afterlife, and ask for blessings from the gods. We have marked these places recognized as spiritually significant. From a pile of rocks, to standing stones, to altars, outdoor cathedrals and eventually buildings, these edifices allowed people to worship in a more formal way, and in groups.

Many ancient sites have layers of historical, political, and religious importance, built over centuries to create a large...

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Sacred Spaces - The Original Altars Oct 08, 2020

Natural features in the landscape that were recognized as having special energies or qualities attracted people; they became focal points of mythological and religious significance. These sites are found in most every culture and time, across the world.

Many of these sites have water as the predominant element.  The town of Calistoga, California grew up around effervescent hot springs that were known for healing by many Native American tribes. The Virgin Mary was sighted at a water...

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Altered States - of Grace? Oct 02, 2020

I like this format of writing a series of articles on one subject – it keeps me focused and allows me to go deeper. So, through the end of this month, we will be exploring altars – such a rich arena! - and hopefully providing inspiration to keep your head above the political fray. It’s important to participate, and at the same time keep the big-picture perspective lively.

Starting with the history of altars, I was initially going to write about those grand religious...

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Little Altars Everywhere! Apr 17, 2020

This week’s Corona Care subject transcends categories – it could be in play/art, meditation, nature, or gratitude.  I’m going to frame altars as a way of bringing moments of gratitude into your days – but they can also evoke inspiration, contemplation, devotion and appreciation.

What is an altar? It’s a visual reminder that brings a connection to spirit into everyday life. A place for the mind to rest and appreciate a greater perspective of what is. Just...

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