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Emilie Conrad's Legacy Jun 13, 2024

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I’ve been blessed with many great teachers. This week I’ll be doing a Continuum “dive” in honor of movement pioneer Emilie Conrad, who passed several years ago. My Energy Signature includes the Priest - we are notorious for being reluctant inhabitants of a physical body! In my first workshop with her I found joy and freedom in the modality she created. It was a revelation and a way to work with my spinal curvature (a left-right imbalance...

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Bear's Inspiration Oct 12, 2011

I finally tracked her down in the Inupiat town of Kotzebue, a village of about 3,000 people, north of the Arctic Circle on the Alaska coast. In Kotzebue, everyone knows each other and most are related somehow, so, following other’s cues, I hopped in one of the few taxis (that traversed even fewer roads) and said, “Take me to Della’s house.” When I arrived the small house was full – people were watching TV, playing cards, cooking a meal. When I asked for Della...

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