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Time AND Space Sep 28, 2023

Some time travelers stay in a particular locale and bounce around the linear timeline to explore, learn and/or make some changes in the past or future (identities remaining intact.) Other travelers move through space and maintain their linear relationship with time, as in early Star Treks (“Beam me up, Scotty!”) or Stargate, where the protagonist stays the same while moving through space (via an imaginary wormhole.) We now know time is intimately connected to space, and when one...

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An Equinox Practice Sep 21, 2023

At the equinox there is the greatest influx of active energy from the sun than at any other time of the year. The high level of electromagnetic energy is indicated by solar flares, and the northern lights even make it visible to us! We are of the earth; what the planet experiences, so do we.

My mission in all my work is to make the unconscious energetics we are engaged with everyday, conscious. This includes our interactions with people, animals, plants, land, water - all living beings...

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Time Travelers Sep 14, 2023

People have always imagined traveling through time… whether intentionally or not, the possibility of visiting the future or the past is fascinating. Transported by standing stones, wormholes, space ships or other time “machines” and mechanisms, it’s a chance to explore alternate realities.

History can be lived, re-lived, and possibly even influenced. Different futures can be extrapolated upon depending on our current choices. In time loops we can learn something about...

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Becoming Great Sep 07, 2023

Maybe you’ve always been naturally intuitive, or even considered yourself gifted with a healing touch. Perhaps you’ve had an experience - or several – that opened you up to energy and spirit in a big way. Maybe you can even sense and move energy, with some results.

Growth in consciousness is certainly part of being a healer; it’s the power behind the techniques. Once you step out on this path, it’s a lifetime of learning and growth. Yet a baseline level of...

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The Healing Power of Community Aug 31, 2023

I have written about the importance of grounding your spirituality with a specific practice. Now I would like to address the importance of connecting to a larger body, a community of like-minded people. This can take many forms, from a religious congregation or sangha to a book club or hiking group; any group of people that meets on a regular basis to engage in activity and conversation with spiritual experience as the focus.

It has been well documented that people who are supported socially...

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Medicine Wheels: Part Three Aug 24, 2023

Over the years our School retreats have been held at various sites with medicine wheels - at the Big Horn Wheel, the WD Ranch, and Bear Canyon where Sandee Mills (a graduate) built a spectacular wheel.

At the WD Ranch students Paul and Ellie Hawks built an enormous wheel; it’s a single circle, with a VERY large crystal planted in its center. We would begin with a silent “walk of intention” – like the Buddhist kinhin walking meditation – up the hill, with a few...

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Medicine Wheels: Part Two Aug 17, 2023

More fun than visiting a medicine wheel, is building one! Chris Snell helped me build my first; he built many as large as 40’ wide on his family’s ranch, the Lazy EL in Roscoe, Montana. He has built medicine wheels in many environments, including a city backyard.

The McKay Method® energy healing community has built three wheels over the years on a hill just east of Bozeman, Montana. They are approximately 10’ in diameter, but have a powerful energetic effect on the whole...

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Medicine Wheels: Part One Aug 15, 2023

Native Americans have created medicine wheels for thousands of years. It’s a structure made of rocks placed in the landscape; it typically has a central stone(s) surrounded by one or more concentric circles, with two or more lines radiating outward from the center point. Most of the few hundred that survive are found in Canada and the U.S. Mountain West. Some scientists and historians believe these forms reflected various celestial alignments (not unlike Stonehenge and other...

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Here and Now Aug 03, 2023

What is actually happening when we multitask? It turns out we are rapidly shifting our focus from one thing to another. The downside is that every time we flip the switch, the brain uses more fuel to recalibrate - the same fuel we need for focus and attention.

Our nervous systems are being taxed to the max in this Age of Information. Omnipresent technology encourages multitasking, and our brains have an upper limit on how much is processed at once.

No matter what we are doing, the brain has a...

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The Schumann Resonance Jul 27, 2023

The Schumann Resonance is the auric field of the planet. The space between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere contains electromagnetic activity in the ELF (extremely low frequency) band. It can vary somewhat between day and night and the seasons, but is usually consistent at 7.83 Hz (the “earth’s heartbeat”.)

Lately, there have been significant irregularities and spikes in the Schumann Resonance, and people are literally buzzing! There are many theories as to why,...

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Let it Flow! Jul 13, 2023

Energy flows - more or less. So does water, and they move in similar ways. In contemplating our current state of affairs lately, I think money does too! When they flow freely, all are realizing their full potential; people are supported, society thrives and the earth is nourished in a reciprocal give and take.

When the flow gets hindered or blocked, problems arise. Systems become depleted when resources are not freely circulating. We can see the effects of this in all those areas.


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For the Young at Heart Jul 06, 2023

It's summertime, and kids are on the loose! Trying to find activities that are fun and interactive is a never-ending challenge. Apart from pure recreation and more “learning opportunities”, you might want to create some more reflective time with them.

As adults, we aspire to model spirituality and psychological health. Morals, compassionate behavior, and religious beliefs can be taught intellectually. But how do you foster a spiritual or energetic experience

Anyone who has...

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