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Karmic Past Life Wounds - with a Stranger!

May 06, 2021

In Buddhism we are encouraged to think of - and treat - every person as if they were your mother. This helps generate compassion and acceptance of all who we encounter. The truth is, they actually could have been your mother in a past life (or brother, lover or or best friend)! It’s an ever-changing cast of characters and roles from life to life.

When my daughter was 3 yrs old, I was pulling the “do this because I say so I’m your mother” power play. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she said, “no, I’m your mother!” I instantly knew that was true, even though at that time I had no real knowledge or experience of past lives.

Nicole: Strange Feelings for a Stranger

Visiting a foreign country, Nicole was desperate to get to a temple before it closed - and stuck out her thumb to hitch a ride! She jumped on the back of a stranger’s motorcycle and let out a whoop as they raced on various jungle paths - a shortcut to the temple. She felt completely safe and strangely at home with her arms around him. They spent the next week together in a completely engaged (though platonic) relationship. She was distraught when she left him to go back to the US. She felt like they were being ripped apart as she left the country. She wondered why and consulted me on her return to figure out what was going on.

Several lives came up. As a very young brother and sister in India, they were literally ripped apart by the father, as the girl was being sold by the impoverished family.

Another life was as young lovers in Egypt. She was the designated sacrifice for a religious ceremony… another abrupt separation. Next, as husband and life in Africa, he left her and the family behind to find food, work, or any way to support his family. He never returned.

There were more. In one they had lived as husband and wife in a little European village, their cobbler shop below and living quarters above. A quiet, contented life - taking a break from the drama!

Commentary: Fated Meetings

Ever look across a crowded room (in the before times) and see someone you feel like you instantly know - even though you have never met? That often portends a past life connection. Not all relevant past lives are traumatic; often they explain feelings we immediately have for someone with no reason. It seems odd but there is no mistaking the feeling, and it just doesn’t happen that often.

Maybe there is some “cue” or feature that always piques your interest. I was always instantly galvanized by men with long dark curly hair. I would see someone ahead of me on a busy street and my attention would be focused; then they would turn around and it was... no. I finally met the one I was supposed to engage with - for a time. There are certain people you are destined to meet in this life. Recognizing that opportunity and learning from that interaction is part of our personal growth. After gaining a lot of insight about myself through the relationship to him (in past and present lives), it was time to move on. And those dark curly haired men cease to pique my attention! We have pre-arranged “cues” to identify these fellow soulsters; sometimes we follow through, other times we miss. Years later, I still remember people I have just walked by as one of those opportunities not taken!

Pay attention. When you least expect it… someone you weren’t even looking for might show up!

Peace, love and healing -


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