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Past Life Wounds Leave Strong Impressions

Apr 20, 2021

Some people are curious about their past lives for no particular reason. I don’t do what I call “past life fishing trips.” They can be interesting but often are not particularly relevant to this life! Accordingly, I let past lives arise naturally during a session; in that case, they are always related to a client’s current experience. The past life can serve to explain a physical issue, or give insight into a psychological, emotional or relational dynamic.

Thomas: He Wanted to go Fishing

Thomas called and was persistent about wanting to access past lives. I asked and got an intuitive go-ahead…

I still did my normal intake. He was plagued by chronic, low level respiratory issues that occasionally spiked to pneumonia-like symptoms lasting for weeks on end. After three years of anxiety and depression, he had recently - at age 53 - quit a high-level IT career in Seattle. (Like many tech workers, he is a Royal-Priest.)

What followed was a cross-country road trip, studying and writing about theories of the physical universe. He was seeing messaging in alpha-numeric patterns and experiencing an unusual amount of synchronicity. He wanted some insight into his mission in life. Since he was newly engaged in finding “his spiritual side”, he wanted to check past lives off his to-do list!

A few lives came up. He had been a miner in the late 1800’s; I was told the “white dust” in his lungs was asbestos. Next, I saw him in a snowy, icy landscape as a contented old man. Turns out he was an extreme alpine mountaineer in this life!

I saw many past life scenes. As a soldier in 1775, he was running in ditches along the front line to deliver messages. A young boy, his left hand cut off and bleeding, his right hand in a manacle. A gladiator riding a chariot around a stadium, holding up a sword. Aside from his favorite movie character being Maximus in “Gladiator”, what did it mean? I asked his guides and they said it wasn’t important for him to know right now.

So, one life was directly related to health, another life explained why he was drawn to mountaineering. The others? Well, if you go fishing sometimes you “catch-and-release” (to be caught at a later time?).

Commentary: How Much Longer?

I had a client who was exasperated because they had been working with a set of personal dynamics for three years. I replied “Three years is not really that long. You could be working with something for three lifetimes!” At that moment I was curious as to how many past lives the average person has had. I asked my guides; the answer was 250,000! If you are involved in spiritual growth and personal development, the number is probably much higher.

My theory is that we have access to a limited number of lives - ones that will be helpful to us NOW. Aside from healing a sticky physical issue, they can give us insight into what Thomas was looking for; our raison d'etre, and the challenges to overcome in order to manifest our gifts. In many past lives I was a soldier or living a monastic life in an ashram or monastery. Strangely (or maybe not?) my Energy Signature is Warrior-Priest! Balancing a spiritual orientation with aggressive action has definitely been a theme for me to explore.

It’s my understanding that If you are enlightened, you have access to all past lives -- and so much more!

Peace, love and healing -


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