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Happy to be Me Jun 29, 2023

Good advice from the muppets! While each of us is unique, we group ourselves - and others - into general categories. We sort people by race, age, and gender. We are even identified officially according to these parameters.

To be suspicious of the unfamiliar, of anyone who doesn’t look, sound, act, love or live like us is a basic animal instinct. It arises out of fear and judgment. Distinguishing “us” from “them” can be important for physical safety in certain...

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Organic Intelligence Jun 22, 2023

We can make a distinction between whether intelligence is carbon-based (organic) or silicon-based (inorganic.) Chat GPT has an IQ of 155; Einstein's IQ was 160. With AI’s ability to increase its intelligence exponentially, we will soon reach the “Singularity” - an event horizon beyond which we know nothing.

1500 noted scientists signed an open letter calling to temporarily shut down the development of AI, so adequate security systems can be created - citing its immediate...

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The Great Experiment Jun 15, 2023

Destroy humanity in 5-10 years? That's a cautionary prediction coming from some AI experts. Robots revolting and taking over has always been a common movie theme - as well as humans destroying the environment (we’re already on our way toward that end.)

AI is exploding onto the scene after percolating in research labs for decades. The ramifications of technology become apparent after the fact, already let loose and wreaking havoc. We’re not good at putting the genie back in the...

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The Human Project Jun 08, 2023

One of my favorite sayings for years is “If you’re in a body, you’ve got work to do!” (more on that later.) Lately, the American (originally Protestant) work ethic is being applied to personal development and spiritual growth in an unhelpful way.

Although the traditional definition of work is what we do to make money (for a living?) that sense of obligation and drudgery is creeping into many areas. Child-raising, exercise, diet, and relationships are not immune to the...

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The Circle of Life Jun 01, 2023

There is breath, movement, and also - sound. Every in-breath gives our organs a gentle massage; the out-breath  carries sound. Sound is vibration, which is movement!

In-breath, movement, out-breath, sound, creating more movement - it’s the circle of life, playing out in every living thing. It’s also energy moving - waves of expansion and contraction that guide the fluid movement of our breath, voice and heartbeat.

As we release our breath it can stimulate our vocal chords,...

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The Adventure Continues May 25, 2023

Every person is unique, and every group that comes together to learn healing work is truly unique. We had a fascinating deep dive with lots of unexpected variables - visiting spirits, past life imprints coming forward, and an abundance of various energetic influences.

Another year, a student commented "Before we incarnated, we all agreed to meet here together and do this work."

What will your group be like? Last call for an in-person Foundations class before the 2-year program...

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Grow and Flourish May 18, 2023

I’m teaching in Montana this week! It’s truly one of my favorite things to do - working with students as they develop their ability to sense energy, grow their consciousness, and become healers - professionally, or for their own personal development.

This week I’m just going to let you know about the next - and last - Jumpstart Foundations class I’ll be teaching this year.

It’s an amazing journey - you’ll never be the same! Learn more here - JUMPSTART...

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Breath and Movement May 12, 2023

The pandemic is officially over but we’re still living with all the unresolved consequences. It’s a work in progress. Everything is ramping up, but the speed we considered normal is being re-evaluated. Between working from home, doing more than ever online and being deluged with information and opportunities, are we really ready for more?

Change requires extra effort; we need to integrate before moving on. Yet in another sense, we are ready to be challenged, in a good way.


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The Boomerang Generation May 04, 2023

The astrology these days is similar to the late 60’s – when a cultural revolution changed America forever. Now that we are officially in the Age of Aquarius, what exactly does that mean?

The political minority continues to wield power and discriminate against “others” in more and more extreme ways. Sides have hardened into full-out warfare between democracy and autocracy. Civil war is mentioned, and people have been called to arms. Who will lead the way out of these...

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Empaths and Energy Signatures Apr 27, 2023

Are you an empath? A lot of people are relating to that term these days. Empaths sense other people’s emotions and feelings. Did you know there are three kinds of empaths, according to what their Energy Signature is?

The Priest, Lover and Gardener are all different energy types that have empathic qualities. The specific way they sense other people’s “stuff” depends on what types are in their Energy Signature. How the three kinds of empaths engage with people is...

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Confusion vs Clarity Apr 20, 2023

These are uncertain, tumultuous times - more than usual. Astrology foretells big shifts and changes in the world - and if we are willing, to transform ourselves. The unknown carries an element of trepidation at its worst, curiosity at its best.

For the curious, the questions are what are we being called to do at this time? How are we called to be right now? And what, or who, will lead us into our next defining experience? We can continue with our old patterns of coping, or explore...

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The Trinity Apr 13, 2023

The Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Mother, Daughter?) challenges modern theologians struggling to equate the three as equal. The current thinking is all three share a substance (“consubstantial”). They are equal, yet also individualized forms of the divine.

The phrase mind-body-spirit is a catchall term meant to imply that these seemingly separate parts of ourselves are intimately connected. In the religious context, not only are they “connected” but they ...

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