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Past Life Trauma Underlying a Chronic Condition

Mar 31, 2021

Welcome to Energy Healing Stories! After years of practice as an energy healer, I have identified various themes such as Past Lives, Ghost Busting, Communication with Spirits, Life’s Purpose, Engagements with Animals, Land Energies and Devas - and more.

A phrase one of my students coined is, “You can’t make this shit up!” It’s true; this work is amazing, every time. After each story I share some insights I have on the subject at hand.

First up: Healing Past Lives

Becky: Chronic, Debilitating Headaches

A lively woman in her 40’s, Becky could remember having constant headaches even as a child. Now, as a computer graphics designer spending her days at a computer screen, the persistent, pervasive headaches were an even bigger problem. Regular chiropractic visits helped briefly. The tightness in her neck and the base of her head would get so unbearable she had to lay down, propped up and immobile, for hours at a time.

Her Energy Signature profile was Royal-Gardener. Royals carry a lot of surface tension in their body and are prone to headaches; Gardeners typically develop neck/throat issues.

(For more on Energy Signatures - starting with your own! Find out more here.)

I started with my migraine protocol, which made no difference. This protocol can work for many types of headaches, not just migraines. If that doesn’t help, it’s often a tension headache; the remedy is releasing a LOT of muscular blockages in and around the neck, shoulders and the jaw area.

Still, no relief. My hands on her shoulders, I asked to be shown what was creating her headaches. I saw a woman at a guillotine, some hundreds of years ago, in France. And just as the blade was about to come down, she raised her head as much as she could to look up – and met the blade in that movement. The result was a “standing wave” of energy. (I also saw her neck was still attached to her body by a flap of skin.)

I inserted an energy frequency to disrupt the standing wave, then reattached her head (!) and released her into the afterlife. After attending to the past injury, I worked on reinforcing the new pattern by bringing Becky’s physiology into “present time”, followed by other techniques for integration.

She experienced immediate improvement in her headaches! They were less frequent, less severe, and shorter. She didn’t spend nights lying awake in pain and was more comfortable working. She commented that the session “solved a problem” for her that had been completely disrupting her life!

*As with any chronic issue, there are multiple factors involved; some physical issues she later addressed were thyroid deficiencies and a high iron count. Health must be addressed across the “full spectrum” of mind, body, and spirit to address a problem in a comprehensive way.


Really Old Baggage

When there is a strong charge to a past life experience, it carries over into the next lifetime – and possibly several. Often there are layers of past life experiences that build until we decide to do something about it. They can have a significant impact on physical health. If it shows up in the body, it’s a red flag! Past lives can also result in a fear or phobia (water, heights, etc…). Some past life dynamics recreate certain emotions or circumstances.

Can you think of something in your life that has not healed despite all that you have tried? It could be related to past life issues. What often brings us to a healer is a physical problem; I can work symptomatically with the body, but for two people with the same issue the underlying cause can be different depending on the person’s “history”. If the deeper cause is not discovered and addressed, the symptomatic relief is usually temporary.

Being able to access past lives is one thing; even more important is being able to “heal” the body in the past life so that the pattern is changed moving forward.

Peace, love and healing -


*If you or someone you know has a persistent issue that doesn’t seem to respond to any other approaches, I’m available to uncover any deeper, less obvious causes. You can click here to schedule a session. Thanks!

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