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Spiritual Not Religious? Jan 31, 2020

The latest figures have 25% of Americans identifying as “spiritual, not religious.” I believe this is a positive trend – no more religious wars, trying to convert others, or a “my way is better than your way” attitude. People are finding spiritual connections in nature, in meditation, and in other esoteric philosophy. In fact, Buddhism is an example of a religion that can also be embraced as a philosophy. And yet a belief system needs to be grounded in an...

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Another New Year, Another Fresh Start? Jan 24, 2020

I read recently that most New Year’s resolutions are starting to flag by January 17th, and are mostly given up on by mid-February. The theory about the time it takes to implement a new habit has gone from 21 days to 66. Armed with intention and willpower, it seems to be an uphill battle to ingrain a new activity. Even harder is replacing or changing habitual patterns; patterns that don’t support our best selves, that don’t help us manifest our potential strengths.


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Energy Signatures of Presidents Part 2 – The Democratic Field Jan 16, 2020

I have written about the typical Energy Signature of Presidents – now let’s look at the Democratic field and delve into their Signatures! I’ll start with the six who were in the last debate, and add a few notes on others that were or still are in the race.

Here’s a cheat sheet on the physical characteristics and pros and cons of the energy types.

Missed Presidential Energy Signatures Part One? Read it here…

Joe Biden: Royal-Gardener-Warrior    

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Energy Signature of Presidents Jan 09, 2020

Once you recognize Energy Signatures – which is easy to do by just looking at someone! – you will not only understand people better, you will see commonalities within professions. And that includes Presidents!

Here’s a brief description of how to identify energy types based on physical appearance, and the gifts of each type (everybody has 3 types in their Energy Signature).

Let’s get started!


Physical attributes- symmetrical and fit, well defined facial...

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Integration is Key! Jan 03, 2020

As we enter a New Year – and decade – I’d like to emphasize the importance of integration. The brain loves novelty and the new, even if it’s the ding of an incoming message. On a bigger scale we are enamored of growth, growth and more growth. Yet growth without integration is fruitless. In nature there is the inhale and the exhale, Being and Doing, growth and integration. I challenge my students to practice the new techniques they have learned until they reach a point...

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Celebrating Graduation - December 2019, Mercy Center Dec 27, 2019

I’d like to showcase the extraordinary people who just graduated from the program in December. Even though it was a stretch, they all made a commitment and got to the next level - in their work and in their personal lives.

This is what’s possible when you devote time, energy and money to your personal and professional growth as a healer!

Some of these grads were the first ones through the 2-year version of the program (affectionately called the “test tube babies”...

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Bless your food… with energy! Dec 17, 2019

Blessing your food is an ancient ritual, a spiritual and religious practice of gratitude. Saying a prayer before we eat actually drops us into Being – the “rest and digest” mode of the parasympathetic nervous system (versus the sympathetic “fight or flight”). A moment of mindful prayer actually prepares our body to digest food. So many spiritual practices actually have practical value as well!

So take a moment to appreciate the food you are about to eat. This can...

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Kids and Chakras? Dec 12, 2019

Continuing the theme of chakras - and communication - from my last few articles, here’s a great resource to work with these dynamics specifically for children. 

As a spiritual, and possibly religious parent, we try to teach and influence our children about the deeper aspects of life. Morals, compassionate behavior, and a belief in a “higher power” can be taught intellectually. But how do you foster a spiritual or energetic experience? How do you model an orientation to...

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Heart to Heart Chakra Communication Nov 15, 2019

Did you know you could be more in sync, approach difficult conversations, and have a better connection with someone by practicing Chakra Communication? All it takes is a little bit of chakra knowledge and a few moments of recognition and practice in the beginning of an interaction. 

The practice is simple enough – identify the chakra they are coming from, meet them at that place, listen and say a few affirming words from that place, and then lead the conversation to a more...

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Cultural Chakras Nov 08, 2019

Photo by Julia Watkins via

Just as there is an “American chakra”, most cultures have a chakra that is predominant - its characteristics define that culture’s worldview. That defining chakra is over-energized, which means that another chakra is usually under-energized. Therefore it defines the strengths, and weaknesses, of that energetic pattern as it manifests in a culture. As I write in “The American Chakra”, the predominance of...

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The American Chakra Oct 21, 2019

Cultures can be typified as having the qualities of a particular chakra; us Americans have a 3rd chakra culture. The third chakra relates to the rational mind, ego, action… linear thinking. We give more weight to that perspective. It’s what we call “reality”, what we believe and accept as true. Yet it is just one aspect of our reality, and neglecting the rest of our experience has – consequences.

We avoid feelings as being messy and unproductive, and often not...

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Is Intuition the Next Big Thing? Jun 06, 2019

I recently read this article from the New York Times, "Psychic Mediums Are the New Wellness Coaches". I found it very relevant, touching on a topic that I have been discussing in my classes for many years.

I’ve had an issue with what I do – energy healing – being called “woo-woo.” Hey, I deserve more respect than that! That’s baby talk, and it’s usually said in a derogatory way. I heard a millennial recently call it “being in the woo”....

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