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What's Art Got to Do with It? May 13, 2020

The next installment of the Corona Care Kit - Play! Or at least not trying to “apply” ourselves, plenty of that going on – as I said in the first Corona Care newsletter, the key to sanity is having a regular schedule. Then what seems to happen, at first or after a while is – the need for self-discipline. My schedule seems to get looser as time goes on and I find myself lost in thought more. So this week’s Corona Care is an alternative spacing out, but serves the...

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I-Ching: Divination, Philosophy and Wisdom - all in one! May 07, 2020

Working from home, schooling from home, trying to organize ALL our activities and time – from home – gets exhausting. So here’s something you can do whenever the impulse strikes you – be inconsistent, undisciplined, irregular!
For this week's Corona Care Kit item, I want to suggest a BOOK that is a wealth of wisdom, a reference, a divination invitation, a philosophical perspective, and intuitive guidance. It’s next to my bedside, and has been for many...

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Daily Practices for Physical Health - and More! May 01, 2020

Ah, MOVEMENT - this week's Corona Care Kit topic. We feel confined right now, but don’t let your body suffer! Movement supports all aspects of our physical health – circulatory and respiratory, muscular and skeletal (use it or lose it!), endocrine and nervous (sleep! reverse the fight/flight response!) and especially immunity. The lymph fluid cleans up cellular debris from antibodies fighting invaders, and then moves it out of the system. The problem is, it doesn’t have a...

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Tree Hugging - and Beyond! Apr 24, 2020

 And now, for Nature. There is always so much support being offered to us from the “natural world”. It’s ironic – but helpful! - that we are going through this big contraction at a time the Earth is expanding into springtime. Nature and its forces are eternal, moving through seasons and cycles that provide us with continuity and define our activity. We have become more disconnected with our inherent nature in the modern world. It’s interesting to see nature...

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Little Altars Everywhere! Apr 17, 2020

This week’s Corona Care subject transcends categories – it could be in play/art, meditation, nature, or gratitude.  I’m going to frame altars as a way of bringing moments of gratitude into your days – but they can also evoke inspiration, contemplation, devotion and appreciation.

What is an altar? It’s a visual reminder that brings a connection to spirit into everyday life. A place for the mind to rest and appreciate a greater perspective of what is. Just...

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Let's Play - The McKay Method-opoly Game! Apr 10, 2020

Here’s the next installment in the Corona Care Kit, in the ”Play” category. Have you been breaking out a few board games, puzzles, or playing cards? Have enough people for charades? Here’s a unique addition…

A few years ago one of my students, Patty Lisieski, was inspired by a child in her life to do a “McKay Method” (Monopoly) game for her graduate project. It’s hilarious, and she was so creative with the format! So now we would like to...

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The Need for Grounding and Meditation during a Pandemic Apr 03, 2020

In one of my first “pandemic” posts, I talked about creating structure in your day - and different activities that you should consider including.
You can view that post here.
These are the different categories I wrote about –
Exercise/Movement ~ Learn ~ Meditation ~ Play ~ Gratitude ~ Nature
I am adding an item each week in one of the categories to keep you going! Last week it was Learn (the Energy Signatures book club), the week before it was...

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Energy Signatures Book Club Mar 27, 2020

In my next series of blog posts I will be expanding on each of the categories from my last newsletter - Gratitude, Exercise/Movement, Play, Nature, and Learning  – and offering specific support in those areas.
This week’s spotlight is on - LEARNING!
I want to announce that I will be doing a free online book club to explore “Energy Signatures”!  
Click here to download the book and get registered for the weekly meetings!

Now that you...

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Energy Fields, Personal and Collective Mar 20, 2020

Last time I wrote about the group energy field, and how a big contraction can affect us. Now I want to look at your home energy field – something we have more control over!

Hugge (hoo-ga) is derived from a Norwegian word for "well-being". It embodies feelings of comfort through enjoying the simple things in life. Relaxation, togetherness and appreciation are its hallmarks. With intention, and a look at what we build into the structure of our day, we can shift from a negative perspective...

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ViralĀ Anxiety - Endure, Revive, and Prosperā€¦ Mar 13, 2020

“This great nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that… the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
- FDR, first inaugural address 3/4/1933

Let’s be reasonable. A worldwide pandemic should be taken very seriously. Yet, like everything else, you prepare/do the best you can, and then let it go. We can control our actions (mostly!) and the rest is out of our hands. The fact...

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The Many Forms of Guidance Feb 21, 2020

Those in the “spiritual not religious” category often refer to guidance. It is defined as “advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in authority.” This authority can be an embodied person – a spiritual guru, a personal development teacher - anyone who helps you to learn and grow. In AA they have sponsors to help guide newcomers and support their ongoing program. It could even be a therapist or coach. We all...

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Tap Into Your Intuition! Feb 05, 2020

Phew! There is a LOT going on in the world right now! What is your personal experience in the midst of everything, and how can it be better?

Last week I wrote about grounding your spirituality in a practice. One of the things energy healing has done for me is to align my spiritual practice with my work.  They seamlessly merge, and one enhances the other.

In this new year - and new decade - I wanted to offer people the chance to try their hand (literally!) at sensing...

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