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Tap Into Your Intuition! Feb 05, 2020

Phew! There is a LOT going on in the world right now! What is your personal experience in the midst of everything, and how can it be better?

Last week I wrote about grounding your spirituality in a practice. One of the things energy healing has done for me is to align my spiritual practice with my work.  They seamlessly merge, and one enhances the other.

In this new year - and new decade - I wanted to offer people the chance to try their hand (literally!) at sensing...

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Is Intuition the Next Big Thing? Jun 06, 2019

I recently read this article from the New York Times, "Psychic Mediums Are the New Wellness Coaches". I found it very relevant, touching on a topic that I have been discussing in my classes for many years.

I’ve had an issue with what I do – energy healing – being called “woo-woo.” Hey, I deserve more respect than that! That’s baby talk, and it’s usually said in a derogatory way. I heard a millennial recently call it “being in the woo”....

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My Intuitive GPS Apr 29, 2019

In my 20’s I was living in Chicago and would drive a short route home from downtown that took me past Cabriini Green, a notoriously dangerous housing project (hey, I was young and invincible! Not to mention naive.) One night I was going home late from work and suddenly got the “feeling” that I should go a different way - through the lively nightlife area Old Town.

In the middle of my drive, my tire went flat!

What if I had taken my usual route, past gangs, drug dealers and...

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