What My Students Say

Julie Bales

"This work is endlessly fascinating - you never know what extraordinary things might happen in a session. My mantra about energy work is
“you can’t make this shit up!"

Allison Miller

"Graduating from The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing was the beginning of a new era for me! I’m forever changed by this experience. Thank you, Bear McKay, for sharing your knowledge."

Molly Burton

"This training is a life-changing experience for me and my clients. Vets and marginalized populations can experience relief from symptoms and peace in body, mind, and spirit."

Bill Turner

"I use The McKay Method® techniques in everything I do. Whether working hands-on or at a distance, I’m able to effectively help my clients with all their various needs. Working with Bear was a magical experience!"

Ronda Myer

"Learning The McKay Method® has improved my skills and intuitive techniques. What I learned continues to assist me in my own life to be a more peaceful person and understand myself and others."

Kathleen Peterson

"I thought you had to have psychic abilities, and my religious upbringing taught that only men were allowed to heal. The best and most surprising part of this is I am able to work on myself."

Tara Gale

"In the very first class, I was amazed by how quickly I could sense energy. I am still growing my toolkit to be the best healer I can, but the energy training I received from Bear is at the root and center of it all."

Marissa Allen

"The foundations that I learned have been priceless. Not only for my personal growth, but also for my professional career as I learned all aspects and methods of energy healing, including the nuances of the business side."

Joe Lynch

"I attended the Foundations class, and began to understand how it works in a more tangible way. Bear has a way of translating the nebulous into something a novice could not only understand, but do!"

Jacqueline Peterson

"I learned specific and effective energy healing processes. I use them all the time to help each person who comes for an energy healing session with me. So, if you’re ready to be challenged and discover new ways, then Bear’s teachings are for you."

Scott Blunk

"I've been an acupuncturist since 1999. Before Bear's training I was a very good healer, now I am an exceptional one. This program will change you deeply and allow your healing abilities to take off."

Maureen Kampfe

"The power and effectiveness of the energy techniques I’ve learned from Bear are now an integral part of who I am, what I do, and how I interact in the world. I thought I was coming for more tools in my massage toolbox, and ended up on a lifetime journey of wonderment!"

Sara Chaney

"I think the energy hygiene practices have really been crucial to maintaining my energetic integrity. I tended to take on other people’s “stuff” in my bodywork sessions, and Bear taught me how NOT to do that! It was related to my Energy Signature patterns,
especially boundaries."

Andrea Abrahmson

"Bear’s top-notch training and intuitive insight helped me to deepen my ability to manage difficult situations and remain calm in crisis. I can definitely say that Bear’s training has greatly enhanced my life, both personally and professionally! Thank you Bear"

Anne Sexton Bryan

"Bear’s inspiration to bring her depth of knowledge and skill forth inspired me to explore my own role as healer and to deepen into that role. Energy healing and constellation work has enabled me to read a client’s ‘field’ in a way that reveals what's often hidden behind the client’s presenting symptoms."

Patty Lisieski

"I always knew I wanted to work at a deeper level, and Bear’s program offers solid training & techniques to do just that, all the while learning a whole lot about myself. Going through Bear’s program really helped change my perspective on life situations, how I interact with others and how I approach bodywork."

Tammy Wise

"Learning The Mckay Method® enhanced and deepened my work and life exponentially. Tools like connecting with a client at a soul level have changed my work forever and answered my prayers for truly being able help at a deep level.”

Lani Malmberg

"When Bear found my lost dog, I asked “can I learn how to do this?” she replied "Yes, I can teach you!"
I started learning the most fabulous ways to communicate with myself, people, animals and plants. I use Energy Signatures to navigate the human side of things. I am grateful and use these skills every day!"

Gayle Callinan

"As I evolved, I fine-tuned my intuition as a partner to the intellect. Gratefully, I am utilizing my McKay Method® skills in a practice that blends massage therapy and energy healing sessions."

Debbie Mikels

"The Mckay Method® laid the foundation for my journey into the world of energy. I embody these teachings, and bring awareness to my clients about the correlations between their physical issues and energy patterns."