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Two Sides of a Coin – And a Place Where It All Coexists

Jan 14, 2021

Shocking, but not unexpected. This is where we are.

After the election of Trump in 2016, I was stunned. Who were the Trump voters, and why were they so angry? At that time, I thought it was a “silver lining,” because you have to see something before you can heal it.

I could not have imagined that the worst aspects of human nature would be stoked the next four years. This anger, feeling of grievance and demonization of the “other” was actively fueled with continuous hate speech and lies. I could debate policy with people if they were following any specifics. In the end, I mostly just said “watch and listen, then decide if you support him.”

I have always felt it was important to be an informed and involved citizen. The daily barrage of Trump’s “reality show” has been overwhelming and left so many - including me - worn out, with PTSD (Post Trump Stress Disorder).

Relief for the outcome of the recent election was short-lived. Whether it was bracing for potential violence on Election Day (were unauthorized “poll watchers” with assault weapons going to show up?) to the election volunteers counting votes with a threatening mob outside (and escorted to and from their cars for safety), to the states certifying their electoral college votes, to Congress verifying the winner – there was always a threat possibility.

Yes, there is a fringe white supremacy militia out there, but anyone who took the time, money, and effort to be at the Capitol on January 6th knew why they were there; to stop the count. As it turns out, that day could have been much worse. We could have seen VP Pence hanging from a noose, and Senators and Representatives held hostage, tortured, or killed. The Michigan plot to kidnap the Governor because of Covid restrictions was a preview of that kind of “plan.”

The incidence of hate crimes in the US has risen steadily over the last four years and is at the highest level in a decade – mainly around race, religion, and sexual orientation. With intimidation and bullying from the top, Republicans (often staunch Trump supporters) who refused to overturn the election and ignore their constitutional duty, are the subject of death threats. Elected officials, public health professionals, and anyone who gets the “tweet” of death are fearful for their (and their family’s) safety.

And yet all timing is divine; everything really is perfect. How are these not just clichés, how do you actually live those beliefs?

We live in a dualistic world. Once you move out of the transcendent – oneness - we are in form. With form comes duality; hot and cold, light and dark, good and bad. We live in duality and must act within it. We can’t abide in the transcendent, but how can we be informed by it? What gets us closer to the transcendent perspective is awareness. Growth in consciousness opens you up to differing views and more possibilities. Even contradicting views co-exist as paradoxes; you can see how anything can be true in a particular context.

We all contribute to our shared reality which is manifesting moment by moment. In action, we can operate in the mundane, dualistic realms and from the transcendent. We can aspire to embrace the bigger picture and be grounded in a higher-frequency consciousness.

My actions won’t necessarily look different in the world of duality; but my appreciation for myriad perspectives creates a steadier internal response to life. I am a proponent of love over hate, understanding that they are two sides of a coin – and there is a “place” where it all coexists.

We make choices every day, informed by our awareness and perspective.

Grow it!!!      



If you missed my FB post, there is a wonderful interview of the Senate Chaplain Barry Black on CNN. He says it all, with Christian terminology and in a great baritone. Very uplifting and inspiring!

Referring back to the bigger energies that affect us, check out the astrology for June 6th – here’s a bit -

Mars moves into Taurus today at 5:26 PM EST, and as soon as it does, it begins a conjunction to Uranus that is exact and separating on January 20 (yes, Inauguration Day), finally ending on January 30, the day Mercury Retrograde begins. A Mars/Uranus conjunction is a volatile combination of intensities: Mars represents physical energy; Uranus symbolizes electrical impulses; and together they generate an erratic pulse that often manifests as the sudden release of tensions. While we might be able to feel the building intensity, Uranus signifies startling plot twists, so we can’t necessarily see the surprising shifts until they occur. Uranus is, after all, the planetary symbol of surprise, so it makes sense that we will be surprised by what actually happens.

Mars/Uranus contacts are also the astral signature of the freedom fighter, with or without a cause, often manifesting that fighting spirit through explosive anger and the stubborn inclination to take action regardless of consequences. From the collective perspective, we already know that violence is possible during this time, if not probable. – Ralfee Finn

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