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Hi there,

Bear McKay here...

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... and I'd like to welcome you to the world of energy!

We’re all responding to energy, all the time. Once you become consciously aware of energy patterns and flow, you will see how these dynamics impact our relationships, communication style, boundaries, and even physical health.

I’ve been teaching and practicing energy healing and personal growth for over 15 years. Let me be your guide to understanding and working with energy – it’s easier than you think!

"I use The McKay Method® techniques in everything I do. Whether working hands-on or at a distance, I’m able to effectively help my clients with all their various needs. Working with Bear was a magical experience!"

Bill Turner

"In the very first class, I was amazed by how quickly I could sense energy. I am still growing my toolkit to be the best healer I can, but the energy training I received from Bear is at the root and center of it all."

Tara Gale

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