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Healing a Past Life Wound - from the NOW!

May 13, 2021

Once again, what draws our attention most is when we have some physical issue show up. Usually the causes are many - physical, emotional, and energetic. The energetic aspect can also have lots of layers to it. Often in past lives we see multiple instances of an injury or some dynamic playing out again and again. Addressing all of the practical current causes, plus lifting some of the past life influences, can make for a more profound difference in the degree of healing.

Linda: Just the Tip of the Iceberg - er, Shoulder

Earlier in her life, she had a “frozen shoulder” - adhesive capsulitis. It was painful even when her arm wasn’t moving; reaching back to put her arm in a coat sleeve was nearly impossible. Seeing a Rolfer and energy healer resolved the problem. She could hear adhesions popping as the healer moved her arm in various directions while applying energy techniques.

Other causes were apparent to her. Emotionally, she was newly divorced, had two very young children and was feeling the “weight of the world” on her shoulders. Secondly, the youngest laid on her shoulder every night as they slept!

Years later the same problem resurfaced. She realized she was “shouldering” a lot of responsibility again, and her regular exercise routine had fallen by the wayside. This time, I uncovered a much deeper layer of the pattern in play.

My energy work on the physical structure and adhesions only made a temporary difference. I then brought my attention to the area and just sat in the “not-knowing” space. Finally, an image began to emerge of her as a robust male, in the process of being - drawn and quartered. The executioner had just cut the heart out, and then the body was ripped apart.

This was one of the most brutal deaths I had ever seen. She was trembling, and feeling intense emotion; I comforted her and asked for patience while I worked (I hadn’t disclosed any details!) Normally I would repair the past life body, so the patterning moving forward would be whole; in this instance the damage was too great. I wanted to get more of the story behind this dramatic death.

I saw that she was a close friend of an English King but was discovered plotting a rebellion. Now in a stone cell, ankle chained to a metal stake, he (she) awaited execution. I wondered if there was a way out of this - or the possibility of a less gruesome death. The only person to make an appeal to was the King, right before the execution. The King was convinced to do something different! In front of the large crowd, he would declare he wanted personal revenge and challenge him to a duel. He agreed to let the King triumph and die at his hand. A win-win, considering the alternative?

It was much easier to repair a sword wound than a body in pieces! After that I returned to her present body; this time the energy work held, and her shoulder was no longer impacted. 

Commentary: Past, Present and Future

We changed the story in that timeline! We talk of past lives, and as humans our lifetimes - all of them - seem to play out in a linear fashion. Yet in actuality the past, present and future (possibilities) are all happening - and accessible - from the NOW.

It’s a lot to hold, and we can’t be aware of it all with our limited consciousness. Yet just the fact that we have all this information available to us is amazing and, well, helpful. We navigate these timelines through intention. I have seen glimpses of client’s potential futures in this life. I may give them advice, but most likely ask questions that point in that direction - without actually disclosing what I see. It’s for them to discover… free will still prevails!

Peace, love and healing -


Your suffering actually has a history and a future - depending on what you do in the present time. Be a time-traveler and change the story!

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