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Too MUCH History Oct 26, 2023

I was called to do some energy work at a historic deco hotel built in 1920. The owner had lived in Singapore - where it was considered normal to take care of your buildings energetically. Now based in the US, he was concerned about many issues with his new property, considered a landmark and beloved by many in this small western city.

I met him for a half-day scouting trip to identify areas that needed attention. It turned out to be a highly complex job with many different elements.


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Unfinished Business Oct 19, 2023

Paranormal activity happens for many different reasons but it's definitely an attention-getter! It can be scary when things “go bump in the night”; but what else is a spirit to do when other ways to reach people are too subtle, or could be discounted?

A woman’s teenage brother had just been killed in a motorcycle accident. In the son’s bedroom his alarm clock was ringing spontaneously and lights were being flipped on and off. She was coaxed by a friend to reach out to...

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Ghosts Can Be Stubborn Oct 12, 2023

People are complicated and can do things for strange reasons. After dying, souls are still just as complex - with memories, likes and dislikes, attachments and - a history. If they haven’t moved on - are still hanging around! - their perspective is limited. In the afterlife, we have a bigger picture of our relationships and activity in the life we just lived (as well as lives before that.) We return to our “family” group in the spirit world, and guides help to orient us and...

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Ghostly Adventures Oct 05, 2023

This year, while the veil is thin, I thought I would write about – ghosts! As in an unwanted, unknown visitor in a building, often but not always a home. I’ll start out with my very first experience in “ghost-busting”. I was a total neophyte, had no training whatsoever – in fact it was a decade later that I got some extensive training in energy healing. Now I consider my work helping spirits leave as a healing for all involved – because it’s always...

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