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Me Too, Barbie! Nov 30, 2023

“Death to the patriarchy!” I’m finally weighing in on the most important - and funny! - movie of the year, “Barbie”. I have my own take even after all the reviews, TikTok send-ups and social media (still abuzz with memes and music.) The reality is that the phrase is about male liberation just as much as “women's lib”. Ken discovers something Allan knew all along - you can be smart, sensitive, AND totally kick ass when needed. Allan longs for the real...

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Your Essential Nature Nov 16, 2023

On Earth, life began in the oceans. Water is essential to all life, and what we look for on other planets to see if they are habitable. Ever since creatures first crawled out of the sea, they carried their water supply inside their bodies. We are literally containers for fluid!

At birth we are 98% water, and it declines from that point on. An adult is approximately 60% water; major organs and muscles are even higher. Aside from drinking more water, how can we retain and enhance our fluid...

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Live and Learn? Nov 11, 2023

On November 11 we celebrate Veterans Day, also called Armistice Day. WWI officially ended on this day in 1918. It was called “the war to end all wars.”

Sadly, that was not the case. There are big wars right now in Ukraine and the Middle East which are already aligning much of the world into two camps. Then there are less explosive, but very real wars in almost every corner of the world - some hidden from sight, others brazenly launched.

Those hopes and aspirations have not...

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Winter Wellness Nov 02, 2023

Even in pre-pandemic times, flu season could be troublesome and sometimes deadly. Here are my preventatives (and treatment) for flu and Covid. While the current strains are less deadly, they are more contagious - and 30% of cases are asymptomatic!

In the fall and winter, our immune systems are tested. If the temperature in our nose is lowered by just 9 degrees it decreases immunity by 40% in that first-stage defense against viruses!

Slow down and pay attention to your body’s signals to...

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Too MUCH History Oct 26, 2023

I was called to do some energy work at a historic deco hotel built in 1920. The owner had lived in Singapore - where it was considered normal to take care of your buildings energetically. Now based in the US, he was concerned about many issues with his new property, considered a landmark and beloved by many in this small western city.

I met him for a half-day scouting trip to identify areas that needed attention. It turned out to be a highly complex job with many different elements.


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Unfinished Business Oct 19, 2023

Paranormal activity happens for many different reasons but it's definitely an attention-getter! It can be scary when things “go bump in the night”; but what else is a spirit to do when other ways to reach people are too subtle, or could be discounted?

A woman’s teenage brother had just been killed in a motorcycle accident. In the son’s bedroom his alarm clock was ringing spontaneously and lights were being flipped on and off. She was coaxed by a friend to reach out to...

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Ghosts Can Be Stubborn Oct 12, 2023

People are complicated and can do things for strange reasons. After dying, souls are still just as complex - with memories, likes and dislikes, attachments and - a history. If they haven’t moved on - are still hanging around! - their perspective is limited. In the afterlife, we have a bigger picture of our relationships and activity in the life we just lived (as well as lives before that.) We return to our “family” group in the spirit world, and guides help to orient us and...

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Ghostly Adventures Oct 05, 2023

This year, while the veil is thin, I thought I would write about – ghosts! As in an unwanted, unknown visitor in a building, often but not always a home. I’ll start out with my very first experience in “ghost-busting”. I was a total neophyte, had no training whatsoever – in fact it was a decade later that I got some extensive training in energy healing. Now I consider my work helping spirits leave as a healing for all involved – because it’s always...

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Time AND Space Sep 28, 2023

Some time travelers stay in a particular locale and bounce around the linear timeline to explore, learn and/or make some changes in the past or future (identities remaining intact.) Other travelers move through space and maintain their linear relationship with time, as in early Star Treks (“Beam me up, Scotty!”) or Stargate, where the protagonist stays the same while moving through space (via an imaginary wormhole.) We now know time is intimately connected to space, and when one...

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An Equinox Practice Sep 21, 2023

At the equinox there is the greatest influx of active energy from the sun than at any other time of the year. The high level of electromagnetic energy is indicated by solar flares, and the northern lights even make it visible to us! We are of the earth; what the planet experiences, so do we.

My mission in all my work is to make the unconscious energetics we are engaged with everyday, conscious. This includes our interactions with people, animals, plants, land, water - all living beings...

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Time Travelers Sep 14, 2023

People have always imagined traveling through time… whether intentionally or not, the possibility of visiting the future or the past is fascinating. Transported by standing stones, wormholes, space ships or other time “machines” and mechanisms, it’s a chance to explore alternate realities.

History can be lived, re-lived, and possibly even influenced. Different futures can be extrapolated upon depending on our current choices. In time loops we can learn something about...

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Becoming Great Sep 07, 2023

Maybe you’ve always been naturally intuitive, or even considered yourself gifted with a healing touch. Perhaps you’ve had an experience - or several – that opened you up to energy and spirit in a big way. Maybe you can even sense and move energy, with some results.

Growth in consciousness is certainly part of being a healer; it’s the power behind the techniques. Once you step out on this path, it’s a lifetime of learning and growth. Yet a baseline level of...

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