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Dying to be Reborn Apr 06, 2023

The Bardo is a transitional, liminal state between death and rebirth. We die; our human body ceases to exist. That life must be linked, in time and space, to the next incarnation. In Buddhism the Bardo is described as a series of stages in that intermediate process.

For Chogyam Trunpa the phases of the Bardo are a valuable psychological metaphor. Familiar with the phrase “the before times”? It’s used to describe life pre-Covid. I think we’re still in the Bardo, feeling...

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The Nature of Boundaries Mar 30, 2023

Boundaries are inherent in all forms. To be formed you have a shape, a size, and are differentiated from what is outside that boundary. Form is the nature of physical existence, but energy also has form. What we consider our physical body is simply our densest energy body!

Boundaries are necessary to life. Life forms have functions; from the DNA in cells to organs and physiological systems, we are a myriad of forms constantly interacting. Humans transform bread - food - into complex...

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Antidotes for Hot Buttons! Mar 23, 2023

No one likes conflict, but it’s inevitable; we often have differing needs, wants and desired outcomes in a situation. What is interesting to explore is our personal response to conflict is. If people are stuck in their familiar defenses, it's hard to work together toward a reasonable outcome.

These moments are challenging. Depending on your Energy Signature, there’s a typical pattern of initial reaction to these triggers! The more aware we are of this patterning, the better...

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Transform Your Everyday Mar 16, 2023

What kinds of changes can we make in our lives that are truly transformative? It’s not big dramatic events that really make a difference. They are helpful as a catalyst for inspiration, or for uncovering some deeper truth that gives us new insight.

The real job is integrating those events, bringing about a positive impact on the quality of our day-to-day. It’s not sexy; it’s about routines. It’s not hard, but at the same time it’s not easy to practice long...

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Your Everyday Experience Mar 09, 2023

There is a national ad campaign called “One Kind Act a Day.” You’ve probably seen the signs on businesses, billboards, and online. Regardless of the good intent, this is a sad statement on our society.

Are we so overwhelmed, self-absorbed, and busy that we need this prompt? In the gym at my children’s grade school there was a sign that said “Stop, Look and Listen” – in order to be aware of your surroundings and be safe. It seems adults need that...

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Essential Touch Mar 02, 2023

How are we nourished? Let me count the ways… food of course, water and sun, earth and all it supports, trees that breathe with us, sound, energy fields big and small, other living beings and… people.

As a human, how do we receive that which sustains us? Food first arrives as smell and taste before we take it into our bodies to digest. Sensation also plays a major factor in social and emotional nurturing - and is critical to our experience of life.

Skin is the largest organ in...

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To Ukraine, With Love Feb 23, 2023

Since Ukraine was invaded a year ago I, like so many, are mesmerized by this unfolding catastrophe. The worst of human impulses - anger, grievance, control, power, greed - has been met with courage, resilience, sacrifice, creativity and unity.

All are manifestations of the base emotions, love and hate. These polar opposites are in play because we live in the dualistic world of form. Yet we also have a foothold in the oneness - the absolute oneness, where there is no form and dramas...

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Chakras and Energy Metabolism Feb 16, 2023

I recently wrote about how your chakra baseline relates to your Energy Signature. Aside from contextual variations, this baseline is fairly consistent. I call this overall energetic dynamic of the chakra system a person's “energy metabolism”.

Each chakra has individual characteristics that are affected by the volume of energy it takes in. So first let’s examine each one,  and how the amount of energy moving through it can impact us emotionally, intellectually and...

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Chakra Love Feb 09, 2023

I celebrate love in all its forms on Valentines, for the sweet-hearted. There are three chakras in particular - the 2nd, 4th, and 6th - that manifest distinct variations on love, from sympathy to empathy to compassion.

All ancient cultures have maps of the human energy field; the Chinese have the meridians in acupuncture, and the chakra model comes from India. There are seven major chakras, each feeding a distinct part of our anatomy as well as emotional and psychological aspects of our...

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Chakras and Energy Signatures Feb 02, 2023

Did you know that your Energy Signature provides a good map of your “baseline” chakra system? It gives you an idea of which chakras tend to have less energy flow, and others that may be too open.

We get energy coming into our seven major chakras from many sources. People, pets, other living things and the environment (especially the earth and sun) feed us. We are also nourished by bigger energy fields we’re a part of - like families, groups, our culture and the whole field...

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Tiger into Rabbit? Jan 26, 2023

Chinese New Year started out with a bang - especially here in the United States. Another mass shooting has overshadowed what should have been an extra special celebration; the first year since California declared Chinese New Year an official holiday.

I believe anyone who commits a mass shooting is mentally ill. Most people are truly good at heart, trying their best to be a positive presence in the world. I was - and still am - looking forward to the peaceful, hopeful and prosperous rein of...

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The Tyranny of Self Care Jan 19, 2023

In January we think about resolutions, intentions, and how to improve. Self-care can be another item on that to-do list. Are we really just another fixer-upper project?

Like so many things, “wellness” has been defined and commercialized as yet another commodity. Running around taking care of ourselves, and buying services and products to do it, seems counterproductive to the result we want. A more authentic way to look at maintaining health - in all aspects - is to think of it as...

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