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The Equinox Portal Sep 22, 2022

We measure time in natural cycles; days and nights, the waxing and waning moon and seasons. Equinoxes and solstices are calculated according to the positions of the earth and the sun. The fall equinox is today, September 22nd - when day and night are the same length.

Ancient peoples created monuments marking the precise moment of the seasonal shift. Why? In earlier times people lived more “in tune” with nature. We may think it’s less relevant for us today, but our bodies...

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Humanity's Challenge Aug 18, 2022

Humans are different, and yet the same, as other sentient beings. Some assume these differences make us more special and therefore entitled. Are we truly the rulers of the planet? Power, when yielded with ignorance, can create havoc.

Us humans have evolved a large brain - for thinking. We also have the capability for growth in consciousness. This requires a higher understanding of the attributes and functions of the brain; the level of our insight ultimately determines the choices we make.


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