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Time AND Space Sep 28, 2023

Some time travelers stay in a particular locale and bounce around the linear timeline to explore, learn and/or make some changes in the past or future (identities remaining intact.) Other travelers move through space and maintain their linear relationship with time, as in early Star Treks (“Beam me up, Scotty!”) or Stargate, where the protagonist stays the same while moving through space (via an imaginary wormhole.) We now know time is intimately connected to space, and when one...

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Time Travelers Sep 14, 2023

People have always imagined traveling through time… whether intentionally or not, the possibility of visiting the future or the past is fascinating. Transported by standing stones, wormholes, space ships or other time “machines” and mechanisms, it’s a chance to explore alternate realities.

History can be lived, re-lived, and possibly even influenced. Different futures can be extrapolated upon depending on our current choices. In time loops we can learn something about...

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