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Moving forward in 2021!

Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Year! Why do we celebrate it on a particular day? Because we use time to mark events.

Our concept of time is just that – a concept. It’s a linear model that works for us. Time keeping creates a structure so we can arrive, start and finish something together. It allows us to coordinate our activities, celebrations, deadlines and obligations. And yet we all know that certain phrases – such as “just a minute” and “awhile” – are less strictly observed measurements!

In our preference for endless growth (unnatural as it is) we mostly use time to mark progress. Being considered timely, early, or late all rely on our adherence to this linear model. Time is also treated like a commodity. We save time, spend time, make time for, and make up for “lost” time. It’s a unit (minute, hour, month etc.) that we measure our days and lives by. There are so many ways to mark current time and also reference past and future. Beyond the human lifespan, there is geologic time, “yugas” that last thousands of years, BC, AD, and astrology/astronomy!

A more holistic (and healthier) way to categorize time is as a cycle versus a linear progression. The physical world manifests as cycles, and our bodies are finely tuned to those. The earth’s rotation determines our daily activities, the moon’s regular movement pulses fluids, the angle of the earth around the sun creates seasons, and the number of those trips we’ve taken determine our literal age.

Those distinctions in time are considered “eternal” because they last forever as part of a cycle; a natural rhythm of movement that can be experienced as a transition from one phase to another. The phenomenal universe is the ultimate timepiece! That’s why cultures have employed different – but similar – calendars.

When we are not in control, time flies, it crawls, it stalls… a “timeless” moment is precious because it transcends our model of time. Yet these very experiences of time as elastic and variable point to the underlying reality. Time is fluid, and we love it when we are in the “flow.”

In energy healing we “step out of time” (and space!) and are not limited by these artificial boundaries. We can “see” an injury happening in the past, and also the effect carried forward in the body. We can use a reference point such as the style of clothing in a past life, or the age a person appears, to locate an event in their timeline. It’s possible to experience the present, past and future simultaneously - but there are limits to how much we can hold in our conscious awareness!

So, when does your New Year start? January 1st? If you need a longer transition or a redo, there is always Chinese New Year in February. Maybe your birthday is your start and finish line for the year. Pick one – or more than one! – and use it to reflect and plan (ah, our favorite distractions from the current moment - past and future!).

Until the next newsletter comes around -

- Bear

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