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Releasing Past Life Wounds of Ancestors Apr 13, 2021

We are connected to our ancestors physically and energetically. The new field of epigenetics is discovering how we literally carry those experiences in our DNA. We choose a particular lineage to be born into, and sometimes our task is to heal something in the “family line.” I was still just a student in energy healing school when an unexpected healing happened in class. Not exactly a past life, but involving many past lives… and not hers, but related to her...

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How Past Life Wounds Show up in Present Time Pain Apr 06, 2021

When we die and leave this body behind, the soul moves on - and on. What carries through into our next lives is the progress we’ve made, lessons learned, and embodied patterns from previous lifetimes. Some of these historical “records” are leftovers that no longer serve a purpose in the present lifetime.   

 John: He Still Carried His Battle Scars

John was in his 20’s when he came to see me for the first time. He was having severe chest pain and...

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Past Life Trauma Underlying a Chronic Condition Mar 31, 2021

Welcome to Energy Healing Stories! After years of practice as an energy healer, I have identified various themes such as Past Lives, Ghost Busting, Communication with Spirits, Life’s Purpose, Engagements with Animals, Land Energies and Devas - and more.

A phrase one of my students coined is, “You can’t make this shit up!” It’s true; this work is amazing, every time. After each story I share some insights I have on the subject at hand.

First up: Healing Past Lives...

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A Happier(!) Spring? Mar 18, 2021

Welcome Spring Equinox! As Carly Simon sang, “Anticipation… is keeping me wa-aa-aa-iting…” We can now envision returning to socializing, travel and attending events in the near future. So we are planning! Hopeful! Oh, the places we’ll go… even if it’s just the coffee shop, gym or museum. It’s within our grasp if we just stay the course a little longer.  It will be a new normal but much will stay with us; WFH, masks in flu season, Zoom...

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Two Sides of a Coin – And a Place Where It All Coexists Jan 14, 2021

Shocking, but not unexpected. This is where we are.

After the election of Trump in 2016, I was stunned. Who were the Trump voters, and why were they so angry? At that time, I thought it was a “silver lining,” because you have to see something before you can heal it.

I could not have imagined that the worst aspects of human nature would be stoked the next four years. This anger, feeling of grievance and demonization of the “other” was actively fueled with continuous...

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Another Round... of Time Jan 07, 2021

Last week I referred to some bigger celestial and geologic timeframes, and that awareness and perspective is helpful. There are other “environmental” energies that define the qualities of time periods. One such model is “doshas”, from an Ayurvedic (Indian) system of health. The three doshas are Vata (fast, cool and airy); Pitta (hot and active); and Kapha (slow, dense and cold). In a health context, a person is described as a combination of two doshas that indicate a...

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Moving forward in 2021! Dec 31, 2020

Happy New Year! Why do we celebrate it on a particular day? Because we use time to mark events.

Our concept of time is just that – a concept. It’s a linear model that works for us. Time keeping creates a structure so we can arrive, start and finish something together. It allows us to coordinate our activities, celebrations, deadlines and obligations. And yet we all know that certain phrases – such as “just a minute” and “awhile” – are less...

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Bring Back the Light in Your World Dec 24, 2020

What a strange holiday – there is always much to be grateful for, but celebrate? It was unusually dramatic for Fauci to call this winter “a really dark time” if we don’t stay vigilant. Given the politicization of basic public health guidelines, that’s not happening; not for Thanksgiving, and not for Christmas (when millions are still traveling to visit and gather).

So here we are right now, at this dark time, transiting seasons and reflecting on the past year. We...

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The Holidays Are a Time to PLAY! Dec 16, 2020

Have you been breaking out a few board games, puzzles, or playing cards these past months? Or possibly discovering chess… because diversion is what we need right now, and home is where we’re at.

Here’s a unique addition to that classic, Monopoly.

One of my students, Patty Lisieski, was inspired by her son to do a “McKay Method” (Monopoly) game for her graduate project. She was so creative with the format, we would like to share it with you. We hope you have as...

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A Gift of Love for You and the Kids Dec 11, 2020

We feel confined right now, but don’t let your body suffer! Movement supports all aspects of our physical health – circulatory and respiratory, muscular and skeletal, endocrine, nervous and especially immunity. The lymph fluid cleans up cellular debris from antibodies fighting invaders, and takes it out of our system. The problem is, it doesn’t have a functional “pump” to move it like the heart does for the blood. You have to physically MOVE your body to move the...

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What's Up with Your Energy Signature? Dec 02, 2020

This pressure-cooker pandemic environment, where so much is happening, yet everything feels stalled, is testing our limits – and perhaps exposing some personal patterns that are not helpful.

Maybe these are behaviors you’ve noticed before, but chalked it up to personality, ingrained habits, and even childhood experiences. While these things do affect our behavior, the main reason we RESPOND the way we do to life is directly related to our Energy Signature. These responses become...

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Communion with Trees - Part 2! Nov 25, 2020

This year’s “harvest” is quite different from what it has been in the past. We can – and should – always find things to be grateful for. Yet on a material level our incomes, priorities and routines have changed (for better and for worse). We have been limited in some activities, while other areas of attention and concern have been expanded. We aren’t socializing in the same way; we’re spending more time in our closest relationships. If you have...

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