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Déjà Vu or 2022?

Jan 13, 2022
It may be a new year, but it seems like a replay in so many ways. Plans are made only to evaporate on the waves; yet we still need to make them. It can be frustrating, especially with no end in sight.
Companies want people to come back into the office; everyone would like children to get back to school; some might long to visit a far-off location or friend. Or maybe we just need something that is not readily available at the moment.
The only thing meaningful thing to do right now is to set an end destination (formerly known as a goal.) The best way to do that, unencumbered by the how, what, or when, is through intention. Once you set an intention, let the universe be in charge of the way it manifests! Keep the intention alive, even if it’s impossible to predict how it will happen from the current vantage point.
Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels
Once in a casual conversation, I mentioned I would like to start a healing school, but it wasn’t possible until 2005. Without any further thought, and much to my surprise, I realized (after the fact) that it had happened that fall! Intention is the subtlest form of Doing. We can push and work hard, but that doesn’t always get us “there”. Why not entertain the possibility of allowing? An effortless effort? When we are engaged and in the flow – the Being mode – it becomes clear at the moment what is supported and what is not. Listen. Notice.
This is the meaning of resilience; being open to changing course instead of reverting to the same old playbook. So many are questioning why we should go back to the "before times." The Great Resignation is about leaving the old ways behind in favor of a new, healthier, and happier way forward.

Underneath these turbulent times are the deep, dark depths of Being. At the beginning of the pandemic, we discovered stillness; it provided quite a contrast with our modern frenzied lifestyle. Sure, we got antsy without constant stimulation and movement. Maybe we felt lonely or isolated, or were stranded on the Island of Lockdown with a just few people. We got to know ourselves and others better in those days (remember when those fleeting moments of connection were called “quality time”?)
It’s important that guiding our intentions there is a constant core value. Our “north star” can steer us through unchartered waters and illuminate which intentions are aligned with it. A core value speaks to a purpose, which leads to an intention. That meaning or value is different for everyone and can be found in family, spiritual practice, or a mission for some.
Recently, a young person asked me “why bother living?” Indeed these are troubling times, but we are called to create our own purpose. It’s unique to us, although it may take some searching to discover it.
There is always the possibility of a fresh start. Every day is a new beginning. It may feel like the same old Groundhog Day, but try intentionally tweaking it a bit.  You may find some unexpected surprises along the way.

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