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A Moment to Regroup

Dec 27, 2021
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Here we are at another starting point - 2022. An impulse for reform, renewal, and hope at the New Year still stirs within us even after yet another round of Covid. Are you on the mat yet? In the corner nursing your wounds? Ready for another go at it, a whole new year? Plans seem irrelevant, although still necessary, as is the need to release our expectations into the great unknown. One thing you can plan on doing is taking a few moments to bring  healing and balance into your daily routine.

I can’t bear to be hawking product in the Black “XYZ” season, although it’s a good time to stock up on everything you’ve been needing – prices are at their lowest. I usually do some kind of promotion between Christmas and the New Year to support the annual reset/resolution for the future. Since I’ve already had “Covid pricing” in place these last few years, I have decided to gift you with my mini-course “Mindfulness and Energy Awareness” for this week in-between the celebrations. It contains a few basics like the Hara Line and Chakra Energetics that will help you relax, regroup and feel energized every single day. Incorporating a few minutes of mindfulness and energy practice in your schedule will help you face whatever comes next in this epoch we are living through.


I find it easiest to tie new practices to ones I already do. So do the short version of Chakra Energetics while you’re waiting for the coffee to brew. Or align your Hara before meditation, exercise, or having a conversation (especially those more difficult ones.) If you want to be present for a friend in need, reading a child a bedtime story, or appreciating your spouse the Hara will drop you into Being (it’s the best place for listening.) When I was a Chaplain, it was my ritual to pause and align my Hara before I walked into a patient’s room. And taking a “Hara moment” before eating is, like prayer, a gratefulness practice that feeds you on so many levels.

There is also a booklet called “Being and Doing” in the course. We generally have a Being deficit in our culture; that means we may miss whatever is offered to us, because we aren’t actually present! You can’t count your blessings if you haven’t been able to truly receive them. I will be expanding on these simple everyday practices in the New Year, because small things can make a big difference in how we show up, every day, for ourselves and for others.


We must endure (what is the alternative?) but how we move forward into this new reality, in a time of unprecedented transformation, is the question. Maintain your bearings and do whatever gets you through the night (Netflix, anyone?). Hopefully, these practices I am sharing will get you through your days in better form.

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Keep calm and carry on. See you on the other side of 2021!



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