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The “Eclipse Window” Effect

Nov 03, 2022

There are big energies that affect us all - those of the moon, stars and planets! We can experience an intensification of energy around the full moon, and there is much anecdotal evidence (and legend) around it. If you’ve seen a total eclipse in person, you know it’s a profound experience - one that has mesmerized humans for centuries. Several times a year there is a two-week period bookended by eclipses; it’s known for the way it brings forth dynamic, unpredictable, and often sudden changes.

It started with a partial solar eclipse on the new moon of October 25th, and ends with a full moon total eclipse on ELECTION DAY, November 8th. In the political landscape, the U.K. announced its first Indian Prime Minister after a chaotic and short tenure of the previous PM. (It was the same day as Diwali, the biggest Indian holiday, which celebrates the victory of light over darkness.) Endings and beginnings happening during this time are often sparked by a specific event or revelation that is a catalyst for necessary change.

Personally, the eclipse window can also initiate an upheaval. How can we use this sometimes uncomfortable or disturbing energy? We can step back to reflect and honestly evaluate our circumstances. Who or what no longer serves you? The issues surfacing often relate to survival, and bring to light patterns and relationships that are ripe for disruption.

I have personally noticed the way an eclipse window can alter things dramatically. I had planned to finally write my book on a month-long sabbatical in Scotland, only to become discouraged by looking at all my previous attempts. I decided to just be in Scotland, and it was an amazing trip; but I was faced with my “failure" upon coming home. Should I just give it all up, and take that job at a falconry where I healed a bird? At that moment - during an eclipse window - my book editor found me, and the rest is published history. It was really a crossroads both professionally and personally; from the depths of despair to a quick, unexpected turn of events. After that impetus, the grunt work of manifestation begins.

The process that ensues can be experienced as a strain, slog or a big effort to bring the shift into reality (it makes me think of a plant pushing up through the soil, into the sun.) These are hard moments, and the effects of paired eclipses  may be felt for 3-6 months. Note there are other unique planetary dynamics involved in each one, so they affect individuals differently depending on their astrological chart.

Who knows what that could mean for the US election?! Much of the world is in a contraction right now. Winter is coming on, the endless and heartbreaking war in Ukraine continues, and the ongoing impacts of that war and the pandemic is prompting inflation and fears of recession.

The final eclipse on November 8th is in the sign of Taurus, which indicates it  affects what we ascribe value and meaning to, especially in the physical world. We are energy and matter, and we need to pay attention to both (and all) worlds in which we participate. This challenging and volatile time can erupt into a breakthrough in many arenas; be on the lookout for what could - should? - be different!

Peace, love and healing -


PS - My astrological knowledge is minimal, but I do notice when celestial dynamics seem to manifest in predictable ways...

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