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The Exquisite Forms of Nature

Aug 04, 2022

There are universal forms arising naturally that are evident in everything. Salt, sand, and other crystals have fixed, geometric structures. We use squares, rectangles, trapezoids, and triangles in our built environment for their stability.

Organic, biological forms are part of nature too. They are inherently dynamic, fluid and mutable. Waves, spirals, branching, expansion and contraction are in this category. All these patterns are evident in the human physiology and are utilized in energy healing.

Water and energy move in similar ways. You can see a spiraling whirlpool in a river, tornado or hurricane, ocean waves breaking on the shore, and waterways branching out into smaller streams. Water can expand and contract, changing density from a fluid, evaporating into steam, or solidifying into a dense (crystalline!) form. A healer is always working with these forms, and the edge between energy and matter. 

For example, there are waves of fluids such as blood and lymph moving through our bodies, the speed of which can be increased or decreased. Waves are used to soften congestion or density; in conjunction with other techniques, waves break up blockages. Waves of varying amplitudes can be introduced for distinctly different purposes.  Releases are sometimes experienced as heat waves or waves of movement (spasms can be a healthy release!) A healer can assess how much fluid/energy is moving through an organ or an area, and by using waves can modulate that flow to enhance health.

Chakras move energy into the physiology through spirals. When the structure of the chakra is too narrow or wide the spiral can be used to adjust that - as well as the volume of energy moving through it. A spiral movement helps to get deeper into an area of the body in a gentle way.

Our nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems branch out into smaller and smaller vessels until they connect with every cell in the body. Facilitating and reinforcing that branching encourages nerve growth in a damaged area. For a very dense muscular block, a preliminary step is to create a vein of energy running through it (much like a crack in a rock opens it up over time.)

The figure 8, a symbol for infinity (known in math as a lemniscate) is also a universal pattern evident in our energetic physiology. A healer can generate a figure 8 for the purposes of integration and balance; and sometimes it just arises on its own! It reinforces structural balance in limbs, the torso, across the hips and shoulders, between joints, and even in the brain. (My Aussie dog, who had never seen a sheep, would instinctively use that pattern to herd other dogs and people!)

Expansion and contraction is a dynamic movement within form. You experience this dance as the heart pumps and relaxes, the lungs breathe in and out, and cells pull in nutrients and release waste. Widening a vessel, contracting a swollen area, or modulating the breath and heartbeat, this pattern has many uses in healing. 

Energy fields also expand and contract, which is a whole other topic!

Broken down into its most essential atomic elements, everything is a wave or a particle; static or dynamic, and constantly fluctuating between the two. I have barely begun to describe how a healer utilizes and works with these natural patterns to create better health. The possibilities, like all forms, are endless!

Peace, love and healing -

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