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Working with Guidance (Part Two)

Jan 12, 2023

Do you wonder about the world beyond our earthly realm and how to interact with Beings from those places? Where does intuitive information come from? What can it be used for?

Personal guides are with us our whole life and often stay in the background. Others come when their particular experience or wisdom is most helpful at that time, and are more interactive. After that phase, they’re still available but you're not as actively engaged with them (like a friend that has moved to a different city.)

This is a continuation of Working with Guidance - Part 1; I suggest you read that first.

Guides can be angels, people who have had previous incarnations and are now on the “other side” and Beings that are not of this world. When visible, you’ll see they come in all shapes and sizes. Mine have included a Native American warrior, a Middle Eastern teen, a Delphi oracle, a squat Chinese elder and traditional robed figures. Angels also have distinct forms unique to them, but always with wings! You may also sense an otherworldly Being as a shape, color or specific quality of energy. They can come in groups at times and speak in many voices or as one. In healing sessions, a medical specialist in professional garb can come in for a procedure that's above my pay grade!

Typically these are wiser beings we are in contact with; they have a big-picture perspective compared to us at ground level. Be aware that they can also be immature, and have an opinion or agenda. Like you would with any advice from a friend, listen to their input and then use your own judgment about the matter. You have access to other kinds of info too. Does it seem actionable, desirable or in alignment with your values, goals and interests?

I was shown a whole business creating home altars which was cool, and I had 3 prototypes made. At the same time I was just starting my healing practice and felt overwhelmed. I threw up my hands up and complained loudly to my guides, “This business could take years! I don’t have the time, I want to focus on energy healing!” They shrugged and said, “It was just a suggestion.” So you don't necessarily need to follow guidance - free will prevails. I have also learned that their concept of time can be off. They don’t fully understand timing and the mechanics of the physical realm.

Prayer is usually a one-sided conversation (and some religions reserve the right to talk to God for a chosen few.) Meditation helps to cultivate the receptive state, but we are trying not to engage with our mental processes or other stimulations.

The key to accessing these relationships is to GROUND* yourself,
ASK a question, or for someone specific who has passed 
and then LISTEN (it may take awhile at first, be patient.)

Channeling is very different; giving over your body to another energy form, even for a noble purpose, comes with some downsides. It often impacts the physical health of the host. This body was made specifically for you, for this lifetime. Introducing another form into your physiology - even for a short time - creates incoherence, or dissonance in the body.

Like so many things energetic, it is very simple and also - not. Continuing to develop yourself personally, growing spiritually and learning to enhance your energy awareness will get you there in the end.

Peace, love and healing -



Download the Hara, an easy grounding technique, here:

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