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The Energy of the Moment

Nov 17, 2022

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks (that eclipse window!) but I’m welcoming a little lighter energy in general, punctuated by hopefulness. Even so, there have been lots of twists and turns - from dread to elation, fear, surprise, disgust, pride and denial - and that's just the last 3 days!

These influences are best navigated moment to moment. We have a certain amount of control in this flux, like steering through waters that can be smooth, rocky, or have challenging currents.

We are moved by big cosmic energies, earthly rhythms, our physical life stages and events near and far. We can only bring awareness to those overriding instinctual and biological dynamics - there’s no changing them! We can recognize the movement of the planets, moon phases, seasonal shifts, the energetic trajectory of night and day and accommodate them.

It’s funny that even days of the week have their qualities, because of the typical work schedule! Also familiar are the energetic characteristics of beginnings, middles and ends that we experience.

What is uniquely individual are the perceptions, thoughts and emotions that arise in response to situations as we go through our day. We have patterns that railroad us down predictable routes, reinforcing those particular neural pathways. Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor says that we are held in that response for a minute and a half - and after that, it’s our choice to let it go or keep feeding it. After spending a short time "being in" a reaction (entertaining it?), it's then possible to be nimble enough to intervene and change course.

How much time do we waste in these repetitive patterns? We can keep an unhelpful pattern going for days, months, decades! Ultimately it takes as long as it takes us, which is usually longer than we think it should take. Accept that timeframe and move on. Each little shift, each time you choose something different, you are moving toward a new kind of response.

When I’m stuck in a negative place I’m always comforted by the knowledge that I can feel differently tomorrow (or sooner!) even if the situation has not changed. I may find myself there again; but when I feel, acknowledge and accept my experience I am a step closer to releasing these patterns that no longer serve me.

These moments happen, we respond, the next moment arrives - which can only arise from the preceding moment. If you repress a less desirable emotion, you block them all, good and bad. Be present for whatever is happening for you, however you label it; as it dissipates it allows the next moment to arrive with a new possibility. So go with the flow, let it roll (or roll with the punches?), let go and let God. Embrace the moment, and then see what happens next!

Peace, love and healing -


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