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Working with Guidance (Part One)

Jan 05, 2023

Everyone experiences moments of spontaneous intuition; you have a vision out in nature, you get a strong sense about something you are about to do, grandma comes in a dream. These “out of nowhere” episodes can have a big impact on us and leave a lasting impression.

Wouldn’t it be great to have reliable, consistent access to intuitive information and guidance all the time? It's something a lot of people wish they had more of in their life. Can you develop or improve that ability?

I trust guidance and call on this resource often; it’s effortless now, but actually took years to cultivate. It doesn't have to take that long, depending on how attached you are to your own ideas, or how stubborn you are! I’ve had some “sledgehammer guidance” over the years, and still didn’t listen. Sometimes the answer is “that's not for you to know”; accept what is available (and appropriate) for you graciously.

Here are some basic guidelines:

#1 - Remember to ask!
I saw guides around when I started doing healing work, and would sometimes have a question about what I was sensing. I finally realized, hey, I could ask them! If I request help, someone always shows up. There are so many phenomenal Beings ready and waiting to assist us, if we just take advantage of that support.

#2 - Be willing to listen.
Oh, the times I really didn’t want to hear what they had to say! Especially when I knew what they were saying was true, but I wanted to ignore the facts. Ah, plausible denial… Hear them out before blocking them out; pay attention to their insights.

#3 - It can be a mundane question.
A teacher of mine told us to take our guides to the grocery store; to ask for driving directions. The class was aghast at the use of spiritual beings for such trivial matters. Turns out they don’t mind, and I’ve found it very useful even for small, less important questions.

#4 - Put the information in context.
You have practical facts, your emotional realities, knowledge of potential obstacles and other kinds of information to guide your decisions. Add intuitive information into the mix to make more balanced, comprehensive choices.

Intuitive messages are just information. The more information you have about something, the better! When teaching I always start out with our relationship to guidance. I’ve seen some take a future possibility as a slam-dunk; they think they can sit back and wait for it to materialize. Others take it to heart and make a lot of effort towards an outcome, only to have something different happen.

One lesson I received early on is this - “Guidance is like bread, it needs to be fresh.” In other words, at the moment you receive some message about the future, it may have an 80% chance of manifesting. As we move through time, we make decisions and thousands of other factors in this world of activity come into play. So in three months time that outcome might now be a 90% or a 70% probability. You have to keep checking back in!

Guidance has enriched my life considerably. From the first time I met a personal guide at an energy healing seminar (after several people noticed something “shadowy” behind me), to the Hindu god Ganesh announcing he was the mascot of my healing school, to spider (one of my power animals) urging me to write - these Beings are a wonderful presence and a valuable asset in my life.

To be continued… Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!

Peace, love and healing -


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