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Connecting with Others

Dec 08, 2022

Tis the season! We are spending extra time with people - relatives, friends, and going out for more social events. There are different kinds of energy connections between people depending on the type of attachment, duration, and whether it's with a single person or a group.

Some are enduring; others are less developed or transitory. They can be related to the chakras, or our energy field activity (the aura). It’s good to be aware of the variety of interactions and their relative importance.

First, the more superficial connections occur when we are with one or more people. Our energy field can expand to include another, or a group. We might naturally contract our field when the interaction is over (or sometimes in anticipation). If you still feel the energy of the other/s after the fact, you can consciously disconnect (see link below to learn about energetic hygiene).

With large groups, or performances, we might form “bioplasmic streamers”. These are emanations from our energy field to quickly connect with someone we are putting our attention on. This is particularly true with a performer or a with a group presentation. A fascinating fact is that clapping - which we usually do after a performance - breaks up those temporary connections!

With those we are closest to - and especially, intimate with - those bonds are built up and strengthened over time. The connections are between chakras and are unique to the nature of each relationship. When I look at the energetic attachments between individuals, I can see areas of strength and those that might need some healing.

To understand the significance of chakra to chakra cords, it’s important to know the attributes and qualities of each chakra. For instance, if the 3rd chakra cording is the strongest, I know that the relationship has a strong intellectual basis. That’s because the 3rd chakra is the seat of the rational mind and mental activity. If the 2nd chakra is very lively, there is a deeper emotional and/or sexual component operating. Areas that have less energy flowing between two people are not as prominent in the relationship. And how does a close friend or family member just “know” when something is up with you - from a distance? That indicates a strong 6th chakra (the seat of intuition) connection!

Chakra connections are from 2nd to 2nd, 3rd to 3rd, 4th to 4th - and so on. The 2nd through the 6th chakras are always involved. Here is a short version of the qualities they embody:

2nd chakra - sexuality, emotions & creativity
3rd chakra - mental activity and rational mind
4th chakra - love!
5th chakra - communication and receiving nourishment
6th chakra - intuition

On occasion I have worked with couples; I will always first look to see if the heart connection is strong. If it is, doing the work with them will be helpful (if not, it’s probably best to move on.) And WHY are we so attached to our pets?! There is only one connection - heart to heart. Pure, unconditional love. Our relationships with people are much more complicated!

Peace, love and healing -

Bear - Watch my masterclass for an practice on how to exercise “good energetic hygiene”.

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