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The Big Energy of Mojo Apr 30, 2022

Courtney Parkinson invited me to join her for an interview in the week-long series "Get Your Mojo Back." Our interview was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy it too - along with the other guests on the program.

Traditionally a magical charm, Mojo is also the ability or quality that helps you be good at something (or just plain lucky!)

Mojo is personal confidence and charisma, often in terms of sexual, 2nd chakra energy. Do you know what else the 2nd chakra is home to?

Emotions, Creativity and...

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The Nature of Eternity Apr 14, 2022

The natural world is eternal, and within that there are cycles, and within that – well, have you heard the phrase “the only constant is change”? We are also eternal, and yet constantly changing (and one hopes, evolving.) How can we feel so different over time, and yet essentially the same? It’s your soul body that moves through many lifetimes, but we can consciously track our growth and distinct phases in this lifetime.

The cycles of the natural world are reassuring in...

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Damage Control Apr 07, 2022

Photo: Odesa City Official

Thich Nhat Hahn, a humble Vietnamese monk, was a gentle and persistent warrior for peace who coined the term Interbeing. He died earlier this year and the whole world mourned. His Buddhist lineage (Mahayana) describes enlightenment as a call to “awaken with all beings.” In other words, no person is left behind. Interbeing points to the reality that we are intimately connected with every other living thing on our planet.

We measure war’s losses in...

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The Comedy of Ukraine Mar 31, 2022

The story we’ve heard is that a comedian with no political experience was elected President of Ukraine. Or was it a schoolteacher? He is an honest, educated man whose mission is to root out corruption and create a modern democracy. To build a better life for its’ citizens. What is real? What is imaginary? Who is Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

The world is surprised and enthralled watching this courageous, clever man respond to a superpower invading his country. He has emerged as the most...

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My Crooked Journey Mar 24, 2022

A lot of people come to healing because they had a personal health crisis, but I never thought of myself in that category. I was, however, born with an extra lumbar vertebrae - and my spine curved to the left, then the right in a big “S” as a result. I noticed one hip was higher than the other when I got my first bikini at age 13, and soon was seeing a specialist. He referred me to Dr. Blount; the man who invented the “Milwaukee Brace” that I spent the next several...

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A Personal Path to Peace Mar 17, 2022

When I was young I identified as a writer, and went to study at one of the best journalism schools in the country. If I had continued in that profession, I would have been drawn to reporting in a war zone. Something about immersing myself in a great battle, where everything is more intense, including suffering, called me. More than the "normal" suffering inherent in the human condition - something more abrupt, more acute.

In Buddhism suffering is viewed as having a cause which can be...

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Taking Action in Challenging Times Mar 10, 2022

Photo: Ukraine Presidential Office

The war on Ukraine is still front and center in the world consciousness, impacting all of us and our capacity to stay present for the pain and suffering we see unfolding. Do you find yourself tuning out, unsettled, despairing, tired, restless, in denial, helpless or fearful in these chaotic times?

When faced with death I used to go into denial – "you’re going to get better!" What I missed was a chance to be fully present with the other person. I...

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The Human Dilemma Mar 03, 2022

How do we think about good and evil? We don’t usually discuss morality in such stark terms, but when the subject of evil comes up Hitler is usually considered a prime example. Yet nobody can be 100% evil, or 100% good either. Human nature encompasses the whole spectrum. How we manage these impulses is the challenge. What are the drivers of one kind of behavior over another?

The soul is eternal; it comes in at conception and lives as part of the physical body throughout a lifetime....

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War and Peace Feb 24, 2022

So what to do, and how to think about being on the brink of war? When a bully threatens you with violence? This is something to ponder as an individual, a society, and a country.

My view is that everything boils down to a choice between love or fear (and its accompanying anger, hate, greed, etc.). It can be useful to simplify to that degree, but often the situation is a LOT more complicated.

I am reflecting on what I wrote for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, about how he and other great...

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Energy Signatures of Presidents Feb 17, 2022

Once you can recognize Energy Signatures you will not only understand people better, you will see commonalities within professions. And that includes Presidents!

Here’s a brief description of how to identify energy types based on physical appearance, and the gifts of each type (everybody has 3 types in their Energy Signature.)

Let’s get started!

Physical attributes- symmetrical and fit, well defined facial features
PROS - organized, productive and detail oriented


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Chakra Love Feb 09, 2022

Chakras are engines that fuel our energy physiology, much like food fuels our physical body – little funnels drawing energy in from our environment. Rooted into our midline dynamic, which has many layers (think of the vertebrae, spinal cord, chakra channel, and Hara line) this energy is dispersed throughout our various bodies, both physical and energetic.

All ancient cultures have maps of the human energy field; the Chinese have meridians used in acupuncture, and the chakra model comes...

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Year of the Tiger Feb 03, 2022

Photo by capri23auto from Pexels

Bring on the Tiger Energy!

Gong Hei Fat Choy = Wishing you prosperity and good fortune in the new year! For one billion people around the world, February 1st was officially the first day of the Lunar New Year.

I always take the opportunity from Jan 1st until the Chinese New Year in February to gather myself and meet the year with new energy - ready for new opportunities and to be open to new possibilities. The Chinese New Year is special because...

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