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Chakra Love

Feb 09, 2023

I celebrate love in all its forms on Valentines, for the sweet-hearted. There are three chakras in particular - the 2nd, 4th, and 6th - that manifest distinct variations on love, from sympathy to empathy to compassion.

All ancient cultures have maps of the human energy field; the Chinese have the meridians in acupuncture, and the chakra model comes from India. There are seven major chakras, each feeding a distinct part of our anatomy as well as emotional and psychological aspects of our being.

Chakras are engines that fuel our energy physiology, much like food fuels our physical body – little funnels drawing energy in from our environment. Rooted into our midline dynamic, which has many layers (think of the vertebrae, spinal cord, chakra channel, and Hara line) this energy is dispersed throughout our various bodies, both physical and energetic.

The 2nd chakra (located in the belly) is related to our reproductive organs – and what greater expression of love is there than having a baby with someone? This kind of love also encompasses creativity and emotions, generative states that create an impetus for action. The one-on-one, personal nature of 2nd chakra love is often expressed as SYMPATHY. Reserved for those closest to us, sympathy usually involves DOING something for someone – a physical demonstration of that love.

The 4th chakra is naturally located at the heart. The universal symbol for the source of all love, it physically relates to our circulatory system - literally our lifeblood. Expanding beyond the immediate love of the 2nd, the 4th exemplifies EMPATHY and involves both BEING and DOING. Embracing a larger group of people (and animals, the plant world and other living beings) it is offered to people we know as well as strangers. A fallen fireman, a family with a sick child, victims of a natural disaster – we may or may not know them, but are moved to help in some way. From the state of BEING, we may hold them in meditation or prayer; DOING could involve volunteering or donating money. The heart chakra is a wider, more inclusive aspect of love.

The 6th chakra is the ultimate expression of love for all living beings – without judgment or regard for their situation or the context. Located at the forehead and sometimes called the “third eye” (and aren’t our eyes the “windows of the soul”?) it is our connection to the biggest kind of love. The gift of the 6th is that it enables us to tap into the universal field of love that always surrounds us. Resting in that divine energy calms the nervous system, which is the physical counterpart of this chakra.

The 6th is the source of COMPASSION, an overflowing of love that arises from your very BEING. It is a state of love – DOING is optional. People don’t have to deserve or need this kind of love to receive it. When you are in the presence of someone who embodies true COMPASSION you are indeed blessed.

So let’s celebrate LOVE in all its expressions – every day, all year! The dyad that defines our human experience is LOVE and FEAR. Where would you rather put your attention?

Peace, love and healing -


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