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Chakras and Energy Metabolism

Feb 16, 2023

I recently wrote about how your chakra baseline relates to your Energy Signature. Aside from contextual variations, this baseline is fairly consistent. I call this overall energetic dynamic of the chakra system a person's “energy metabolism”.

Each chakra has individual characteristics that are affected by the volume of energy it takes in. So first let’s examine each one,  and how the amount of energy moving through it can impact us emotionally, intellectually and physically.

1st chakra - Decreased energy in the 1st affects vitality in the whole system. With less energy, physical activity is a big effort; less physical movement results in reduced bone strength, muscle mass, and endurance. It leads to being less grounded and not fully engaged with this earthly plane.

2nd chakra - A low flow in the 2nd can be responsible for a lack of inspiration and feeling stuck emotionally. It leads to digestive issues, and even problems conceiving. More mutable in nature,  it might be more open while engaged with a baby or pet, or in a creative activity.

3rd chakra - Too much volume at the 3rd can lead to anxiety. Overthinking (and overdoing) creates tension and stress in the body and the mind. Because of the location of the third chakra near the stomach, it often causes stomach aches or nausea. Chronic tension results in headaches.

4th chakra - A contracted heart can't accept much energy (and may be caused by an event or circumstance.) The decreased energy deprives us of the fullness of love. Too much energy here  means it needs a way to be expressed and released; circulatory issues and erratic heart rhythms can be the result either way.

5th chakra - Reduced energy here actually affects the ability to receive nourishment, whether it’s food, appreciation or even self-love. It inhibits communication and slows digestion. Less energy is assimilated from food, and eating more is not helpful. With too much energy, there is a propensity to aggressively talk more.

6th chakra - The most common imbalance here is waay too much energy, which destabilizes the structure of the chakra. Overextension and overstimulation lead to an overactive nervous system! A too open 6th can give rise to inaccurate intuitive information, spaciness and headaches.

7th chakra - Energetic congestion in the head happens when there is minimal energy flow. Headaches, especially migraines are the result. Like the 1st, having a very open 7th generally doesn’t create issues! If the 7th becomes an avenue for outside entities (like channeling) it’s healthiest to open it and then regulate it back down when finished (so it doesn’t disrupt the equilibrium.)

These are imbalances, with too much or too little flow. With a moderated energy intake, you can help mitigate these issues! The goal is to work specifically and incrementally, one chakra at a time - BUT - you don’t get finished with one and then move on to “fix” the next one!. A little improvement here, some tweaking there, back and forth, and each chakra contributes to a more balanced baseline. Knowledge is power - the power to change! Our energetic structures are very fluid and responsive to our attentions.  

Peace, love and healing -

Are you fascinated by the chakra system? Join me to further explore, and heal, this important part of our energetic anatomy!

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