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Chakras and Energy Signatures

Feb 02, 2023

Did you know that your Energy Signature provides a good map of your “baseline” chakra system? It gives you an idea of which chakras tend to have less energy flow, and others that may be too open.

We get energy coming into our seven major chakras from many sources. People, pets, other living things and the environment (especially the earth and sun) feed us. We are also nourished by bigger energy fields we’re a part of - like families, groups, our culture and the whole field of human consciousness!

In addition to our baseline, different chakras are more or less open depending on the situation we're in. Giving a presentation, intimate moments with family, exercising or physical training are just a few instances where your chakras will respond to the context appropriately. These smaller adjustments are happening constantly, and thankfully you don’t really need to think about it (unless you want to support a certain outcome...)

Aside from that general variation, we can improve on our baseline to be more balanced and resilient. Your Energy Signature will point you to the chakras that could use some attention to regulate their energy flow. This can create better physical, emotional and mental health!

No one should EVER have all their chakras wide open - it’s not natural. A 100% open system is a model, not a sustainable, working reality. If you get a treatment like that, it’s usually overwhelming. It may feel cathartic initially, but the “openness” or euphoria never lasts. For others it’s traumatic and extremely uncomfortable. You may even close down more than before - because it was too much, too quick. No worries! Your system will eventually self-regulate and return to your “home” baseline.

We want to work towards incremental changes to our chakra system that can be integrated. Progress is made by gradually creating more balance that can be built on over time. Don’t just focus on one chakra; a little more energy here, a little less there, and eventually the whole system is positively affected. Then voila, you have a new improved baseline!

The Energy Signature model is complex and relates to many areas - your physical body, your chakra system, the underlying beliefs that helped create the patterns initially, boundaries and communication styles.

A chakra directs energy into an area of the body where specific physical, emotional and psychological issues reside. It’s important to be familiar with what those are as you discover your baseline and how it affects you.

Find out what your Energy Signature is by taking the online quiz! My book will tell you which chakras to work with, and some simple practices to get started.

Peace, love and healing -


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