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Too MUCH History

Oct 26, 2023

I was called to do some energy work at a historic deco hotel built in 1920. The owner had lived in Singapore - where it was considered normal to take care of your buildings energetically. Now based in the US, he was concerned about many issues with his new property, considered a landmark and beloved by many in this small western city.

I met him for a half-day scouting trip to identify areas that needed attention. It turned out to be a highly complex job with many different elements.

There were five stories in the building, and many more associated “stories”! The main floor had two restaurants, a bar and a lovely huge lobby. The mezzanine had a balcony area with casual seating and a few tables that overlooked the main entrance. Also on that floor was a ballroom, offices and other meeting rooms. The remaining stories, once hotel rooms, were now condos.

Some of the issues on the main floor were: the bar had a handful of alcoholic regulars and had never been successful. The more casual restaurant ebbed and flowed, as did the ever-changing staff. A high-end organic restaurant had been there a few years, but business had gone downhill and the couple who owned it argued more and more. The restaurant was closing and they were divorcing.

Being a historic building, the basement was a funky warren of little rooms. There was an empty space, an elevator shaft that wasn’t in service. I saw a ghost - a young scrawny man with a bad complexion in pants, formal white shirt and a skinny tie. I asked him what his story was; he said he had worked there but had no friends. Depressed, he ultimately committed suicide. When I told the owner he was - stunned.

He ran back upstairs to the lobby where some employees were gathered around (it was early, before the businesses were open.) He declared loudly, “she saw the ghost!” One young man almost cried with relief. He worked in the bar and would go into the basement to get cases of beer. He was terrified by what he was sure was a ghost following him around!

When I came back to do the clearing the young ghost said he admired the strapping young man and did follow him around. I convinced him that he would be much happier on the other side, and he left willingly. There were other ghosts there for different reasons. One had run the restaurants decades ago and tried to control the current owners. One died in a construction accident while it was being built. I successfully helped them, and some others, move on.

Generally there was a very low frequency of energy in the building. I stood outside each condo door and sensed in to get a read. The owner told of mental illness and incidents with law enforcement. As I cleared and raised the frequency in the building, these people would be uncomfortable and voluntarily leave - but the process would take time (the next week police came and arrested one of the tenants, never to return. One down…)

The new restaurant was extremely successful and took over the bar and other areas on the main floor. Most of the condo occupants left, and the ballroom was remodeled and hosted many happy events (and my classes for a few years!)

Commentary: Clearing More than Ghosts

Ghosts are just one aspect of clearing spaces. There is residual negative energy of what has happened in the recent past. Ghosts, of course. Then there are energies embedded in the actual building, which vary depending on the materials used. Lastly there are the land energies of the building site. One or more of these factors could be in play; it’s important to know how to work with all of them!

Thanks for joining me for my “ghostly” Halloween series! With so much suffering in the world it's nice to take a break, get some perspective on our earthly lives and know that there is so much more to follow.

Peace, love and healing -


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