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Ghosts Can Be Stubborn

Oct 12, 2023

People are complicated and can do things for strange reasons. After dying, souls are still just as complex - with memories, likes and dislikes, attachments and - a history. If they haven’t moved on - are still hanging around! - their perspective is limited. In the afterlife, we have a bigger picture of our relationships and activity in the life we just lived (as well as lives before that.) We return to our “family” group in the spirit world, and guides help to orient us and detail next steps.

He Wanted to Scare Them Off

For almost a year there were strange happenings in the Gardner home. At first, the family would just glimpse shadows in the hallway. Sometimes their dog would bark at the ceiling and then slink behind some furniture. Late one evening Susan was doing  yoga in the living room when the landline rang - but no one was on the other end. Getting back into a pose, the phone rang for a second time - and once again, there was only silence.

The house was on a six acres in a fairly rural part of town. A few times her husband John heard steps outside on their porch - and then the motion detector lights would come on. Still, no one there… Susan started seeing a shadowy figure in their bedroom, by the bathroom door. Sometimes she felt like the ghost was zooming right up to her face as she slept, which would startle her awake with a chill.

Once her daughter was at the house alone after school; she called Susan nervously asking when she would get home from work. She was huddled in her bedroom because the hallway lights were going on and off. Needless to say, Susan left work early! Her son was nonchalant about the whole thing, until one night he felt a heaviness pressing on top of him as he was sleeping.

At first Susan tried to ignore the ghost and hoped it would go away. John was perplexed, but it didn’t affect him as much - until one night he felt “it” reach under the bed covers, grab his ankles and pull on his legs!

Fortunately Susan was in my Advanced classes. I gave her a ghost busting recipe (see my previous blog) which John happily participated in. When done, the house felt much better - although Susan remembered later they hadn’t done a closet door. Sure enough, she saw "him" near the closet the next week!

Susan was at her wits end. How could they get rid of this menacing, angry spirit? The next class happened to cover ghost-busting, so I decided to do it as a group project with my students (all well-versed in distance work at that point.) First, everyone sensed in and then shared, after which I assigned different “jobs” to each student.

We discovered the ghost was a dark-haired, rather squat man who had grown up in an abusive family there. In turn (and still living there) he had badly treated his own wife and son. He was on the property and would come and go from the house. He wanted the Gardner family OUT of there!

In my dialog with him, he was quite resistant to the idea of leaving. It was the only home he had ever known, even though his life there had been unhappy. As it turned out, the bigger issue was he was afraid. He thought he would go to hell for all his violent behavior. After much convincing - and reassurance from some angels willing to escort him - he finally agreed to leave. The end!

Commentary: Some Ghosts ARE Mean Spirited

Some souls have just lost their way and need help reaching the other side. If they've had a sudden death, some are in shock and disoriented - they may not even realize they’re dead! Either way they have missed ”the window” - actually, it IS a tunnel - and the opportunity to move on. Other ghosts are more malicious in their intent. Like this ghost, who was trying to make people leave a place he still felt ownership of. A spirit might even have a vendetta against a particular person. I’ve seen many scenarios over the years, and every story is different!

Peace, love and healing - even for ghosts!


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