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Mar 20, 2020

Last time I wrote about the group energy field, and how a big contraction can affect us. Now I want to look at your home energy field – something we have more control over!

Hugge (hoo-ga) is derived from a Norwegian word for "well-being". It embodies feelings of comfort through enjoying the simple things in life. Relaxation, togetherness and appreciation are its hallmarks. With intention, and a look at what we build into the structure of our day, we can shift from a negative perspective of this time to make “shelter in place” a positive experience.

As we limit our outside interaction, we are experiencing a more engaged home life.  It can seem less busy and even boring – no running off to work or to socialize – but also more challenging and even chaotic. As we try to structure our time to be productive with work or school, try to keep up with the latest news, and cook and clean more, it can be overwhelming.

First the practical. I suggest making a list of activities, and from that a daily schedule. Not thinking about what to do next, moment to moment, will help you feel centered and calm(er). Of course there will be interruptions, but the basic outline of the day is still intact.

Next let’s address the general mood and energy field of your home, from anxious and contracted to uplifting and expansive! That involves putting a few activities on your list that you might not have considered.

Gratitude – Having a gratitude practice in your schedule will put some attention on the things in your life that are good. It can be more formal and individual, like prayer or tonglen (a Buddhist practice) or as simple as blessing your food before you eat. There is so much to be thankful for at any given time – especially our health, which allows us to support others (or the people who are helping us through illness). You will be surprised at how much there is to appreciate right now.  

Exercise - There are lots you can do indoors, and even together! Yoga studios are having to move to online classes, and there are many other instructional resources available. Pick one!
(Here is my “Chakra Energetics” exercise – it just takes a few minutes, and gives your energy field a nice opening and clearing! Great for all ages, as long as you don’t mind being silly.)

Play – Rediscover group play! In the past card games, board games and puzzles were common shared activities. Now we have access to many games online as well, but immediate personal interaction is what to look for. Being connected virtually is a blessing if you are alone in your household.

Nature – Most people can still go outdoors; it’s officially spring, the equinox was on the 19th! Breathe, notice the buds, the first flowering bulbs, the sky. I give a shout out to my neighbors as I walk the dogs, and I see kids (home from school) playing in their yards. We even have a game in our neighborhood - putting shamrocks, and now bunnies, up in our windows for neighborhood children to spy as they are out walking with their parents.

Learn – How many learning opportunities have you wanted to pursue online but never feel you have the time? NOW is the time! Not only do you have the time, but learning new things will keep you engaged and focused on something positive.

Meditation (of course) - there are so many types and apps for meditating there is no excuse not to START a practice, or to slack off. Fifteen minutes daily is enough!

Let’s do this! Uplift ourselves, our families, and create a lovely home energy field. By doing that, we also contribute something positive to the group/worldwide energy field at the same time!

Peace, love and healing -


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