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Down to Earth

Apr 18, 2024

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Since the eclipse some people are still experiencing more intensity in the form of physical or emotional dysregulation. With all the extra energy from the sun, maybe you are too! The “solar maximum” lasts through November. We want to take advantage of the positive solar input AND protect ourselves from negative environmental energies. Grounding is important in both situations, and a strong boundary helps eliminate the impact of the pervasive electromagnetic activity generated by human devices.

Differences in the frequencies of energy fields determine whether they are good or bad for us. The healthy energy we get from the natural environment brings us into coherence with all planetary life - animal, vegetable, and mineral! The earth’s ionosphere pulsates at 7.83 Hz, called the Schumann Resonance. That corresponds to our alpha and theta brainwaves, which are relaxed, dreamy, intuitive states. Meditation and prayer happen in that state of being.

High alpha and theta also reduce stress and inflammation, enhance immune function and all the body's healing processes. Neurons in the thalamus (a master endocrine gland) appear to be a "pacemaker" synchronizing us with the Schumann Resonance - called the “heartbeat of the earth”.

We also have unnatural frequencies all around us - in power lines, the wiring in our homes, and those caused by many of the devices we use. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have frequencies up to 300 Hz; radio frequencies (RF) can be 3,000Hz up to 300 billion Hz (300GHz). It’s the world we live in, but there are many ways you can mitigate the impact of these frequencies on your health. Turn off and/or keep a distance from your electronic devices (at least three feet) when you can. It’s especially important at night when you would get prolonged exposure. There are external shielding products, and items like salt lamps and certain plants help reduce EMF/RF at home. You can wear a special necklace to protect your energy; it works by strengthening your field to withstand the onslaught.

I have a version of protective immunity that is a more organic antidote, called the Corona Hara. It not only brings in the galvanizing planetary and solar energies, but aids in deflecting the rest. I developed this early in the pandemic to act as a barrier against covid. Elaborating on two techniques I teach (the Hara Line and Soul Expansion) it grounds you and fills the body and field with soul energy. The radiance creates more density in the field, and thereby a stronger boundary - the edge of your auric field. It helped to resist the virus, but also many other incoming energies we want to avoid! (there is a link below to learn more.)

If you do the Corona Hara frequently, over time it will sustain to some degree on its own. There are also "earthing" techniques to bring us back to that innate, primal connection with all, in that sweet zone of frequency. Tree hugging (and leaning), forest bathing, bathing in bodies of water are just a few. Think of the harmony we can create when everyone is on the same frequency!

Peace, love and healing -


Until now only my students were taught this - but here it is, for you! Corona Hara

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