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Time AND Space

Sep 28, 2023

Some time travelers stay in a particular locale and bounce around the linear timeline to explore, learn and/or make some changes in the past or future (identities remaining intact.) Other travelers move through space and maintain their linear relationship with time, as in early Star Treks (“Beam me up, Scotty!”) or Stargate, where the protagonist stays the same while moving through space (via an imaginary wormhole.) We now know time is intimately connected to space, and when one is altered so is the other.

In 1905 Einstein's theory of relativity came out; it describes an event or object as taking place in three spatial dimensions (length, height, depth) and time. A few years later another scientist, Minkowski, coined the phrase the “space-time continuum” which incorporates all four elements - hence, the 4th dimension.

What about the 5th dimension? We hear a lot about it these days. In physics the “string theory” describes strings of energy vibrating in ten dimensions (9 of space and 1 of time). Six are deemed too small to observe, and the 5th is thought to “close in on itself” with no direct opening.

Here’s another theory about the 5th dimension; it’s literally information! Stored in electrons (and electromagnetic fields) that interact with other particles, it’s been shown that information has a small - but infinitesimal - amount of mass. In Einstein's theory of general relativity (1915) he surmises that gravity is the result of space curving around mass (matter), and that electromagnetism is a component of gravity. Is the 5th dimension a “higher” plane which provides a common root for gravity and electromagnetism - and particle interaction beyond what we can comprehend?

Back to time; it ceases to exist at the speed of light. It can also move at different speeds, depending on the observation point (an experience we’ve all had.) The “point of observation” is where we are locating ourselves at the moment. It’s proven that the observer has an effect on matter and energy. Another scientific theory - the block universe - posits that time is like space, and actually has no inherent direction.*

I believe all times and places (and dimensions) exist simultaneously; that is why we practitioners of energy can navigate through time and space at will, from our point of “Being”. We, in fact, are transdimensional beings! We exist as various energetic forms in different dimensions. Healers work with the soul dimension, the hara dimension and the earthly dimension (the one most relative to our physiological form.)

In Alaska over a century ago, an Inuit shaman, Manilliq, predicted that ”people would talk to each other over great distances through wires” and “fly through the air.” Healers have always traveled pathways through the “space-time continuum” for our clients. Anchored in our own Being, and moving into other realms and dimensions with intention, we gather information - and also change outcomes with our observations and interactions.

It’s called a “causal loop” when a future event influences a past one, and then - influences the future. So if what you are experiencing depends on your point of view - and all space and time exists simultaneously - then you can master the experience of your universe!

Peace, love and healing -


*For a mind-bending movie about time, "Arrival" has just arrived on Netflix! 

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