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Is Intuition the Next Big Thing?

Jun 06, 2019

I recently read this article from the New York Times, "Psychic Mediums Are the New Wellness Coaches". I found it very relevant, touching on a topic that I have been discussing in my classes for many years.

I’ve had an issue with what I do – energy healing – being called “woo-woo.” Hey, I deserve more respect than that! That’s baby talk, and it’s usually said in a derogatory way. I heard a millennial recently call it “being in the woo”. That’s better - sounds kinda like “woke”, a new way of talking about a perspective that may have lost its perceived value in the advent of a more “scientific” mindset.

Intuitive perception can be helpful information, and often has a healing effect (although sometimes you get an aha! - so that’s what that psychic meant 10 years ago! Better late than never, eh?) And I believe intuition is the next big development in human evolution. But it takes practice to develop the capacity to get reliable intuitive information, more than a “hunch” or a passing impulse… those happen, but are not “on call” so to speak. Minus the drama, it’s another sense like sight, smell, touch – one that gives you access to more subtle forms of reality than the physical.

So do we do “coaching” as energy healers? Well yes, that is an aspect of it. Is intuitive info part of energy healing? Yes, it is critical information, especially when that skill extends to sensing energy in the physical body. So although I want to distinguish the difference between an intuitive reading and an energy healing – where the practitioner has learned many models and techniques to support better overall health, including in the physical body – I think it’s a good trend. Just make sure your healer-wellness coach-psychic comes with good references!

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