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Empaths and Energy Signatures Apr 27, 2023

Are you an empath? A lot of people are relating to that term these days. Empaths sense other people’s emotions and feelings. Did you know there are three kinds of empaths, according to what their Energy Signature is?

The Priest, Lover and Gardener are all different energy types that have empathic qualities. The specific way they sense other people’s “stuff” depends on what types are in their Energy Signature. How the three kinds of empaths engage with people is...

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Antidotes for Hot Buttons! Mar 23, 2023

No one likes conflict, but it’s inevitable; we often have differing needs, wants and desired outcomes in a situation. What is interesting to explore is our personal response to conflict is. If people are stuck in their familiar defenses, it's hard to work together toward a reasonable outcome.

These moments are challenging. Depending on your Energy Signature, there’s a typical pattern of initial reaction to these triggers! The more aware we are of this patterning, the better...

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Chakras and Energy Signatures Feb 02, 2023

Did you know that your Energy Signature provides a good map of your “baseline” chakra system? It gives you an idea of which chakras tend to have less energy flow, and others that may be too open.

We get energy coming into our seven major chakras from many sources. People, pets, other living things and the environment (especially the earth and sun) feed us. We are also nourished by bigger energy fields we’re a part of - like families, groups, our culture and the whole field...

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Love and Other Languages Sep 08, 2022

The hugely popular book “The 5 Love Languages” is being celebrated as a self-help phenomenon, still popular 30 yrs after its publication! It catalogs five different ways of expressing love - words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. Why has it endured? It is basically about communication, and addresses the most important aspect of our lives - the fundamental need to love and be loved.

Does this model directly relate to Energy...

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Energy Signatures of Presidents Feb 17, 2022

Once you can recognize Energy Signatures you will not only understand people better, you will see commonalities within professions. And that includes Presidents!

Here’s a brief description of how to identify energy types based on physical appearance, and the gifts of each type (everybody has 3 types in their Energy Signature.)

Let’s get started!

Physical attributes- symmetrical and fit, well defined facial features
PROS - organized, productive and detail oriented


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Empaths and Energy Signatures Sep 11, 2021

Empaths! A lot of people are relating to that term these days. Did you know there are three specific kinds of empaths according to your Energy Signature? The Priest, Lover and Gardener are all different energy types that have empathic qualities. Empaths sense other people’s “stuff”. The specific ways that you sense other people’s “stuff” depends on these types within your Energy Signature. Do you energetically take on, tune in, or flow with others? ...

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What's Up with Your Energy Signature? Dec 02, 2020

This pressure-cooker pandemic environment, where so much is happening, yet everything feels stalled, is testing our limits – and perhaps exposing some personal patterns that are not helpful.

Maybe these are behaviors you’ve noticed before, but chalked it up to personality, ingrained habits, and even childhood experiences. While these things do affect our behavior, the main reason we RESPOND the way we do to life is directly related to our Energy Signature. These responses become...

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Energy Signatures for the Final Four! Aug 21, 2020

Whew! From looking at the general Presidential Energy Signature (44 from the past) and the Democratic primary field (28 candidates), we’re now down to two – and their plus-ones. It gives me an opportunity to delve into more of the dynamics of Energy Signatures, specifically the pros and cons – gifts and challenges – of the five energy types. 

Like so many things, there are “2 sides of the coin” to each energy type. In reality, the gifts and the...

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Energy Signatures of Presidents Part Two - The Democratic Contenders Aug 14, 2020

Last week I wrote about the typical Energy Signature of Presidents – now let’s review the Democratic primary candidates, for those who followed it. I will cover Joe Biden (and possibly his running mate!) again in Part 3 – the Final Nominees.

And in reviewing this, I notice that all the ”moderate” candidates had the same 3 types in their Signature (Royal, Warrior, Gardener). The ”progressive” candidates had Priest instead of Gardener in their...

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Energy Signatures Book Club Mar 27, 2020

In my next series of blog posts I will be expanding on each of the categories from my last newsletter - Gratitude, Exercise/Movement, Play, Nature, and Learning  – and offering specific support in those areas.
This week’s spotlight is on - LEARNING!
I want to announce that I will be doing a free online book club to explore “Energy Signatures”!  
Click here to download the book and get registered for the weekly meetings!

Now that you...

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Another New Year, Another Fresh Start? Jan 24, 2020

I read recently that most New Year’s resolutions are starting to flag by January 17th, and are mostly given up on by mid-February. The theory about the time it takes to implement a new habit has gone from 21 days to 66. Armed with intention and willpower, it seems to be an uphill battle to ingrain a new activity. Even harder is replacing or changing habitual patterns; patterns that don’t support our best selves, that don’t help us manifest our potential strengths.


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Energy Signatures of Presidents Part 2 – The Democratic Field Jan 16, 2020

I have written about the typical Energy Signature of Presidents – now let’s look at the Democratic field and delve into their Signatures! I’ll start with the six who were in the last debate, and add a few notes on others that were or still are in the race.

Here’s a cheat sheet on the physical characteristics and pros and cons of the energy types.

Missed Presidential Energy Signatures Part One? Read it here…

Joe Biden: Royal-Gardener-Warrior    

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