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The Circle of Life Jun 01, 2023

There is breath, movement, and also - sound. Every in-breath gives our organs a gentle massage; the out-breath  carries sound. Sound is vibration, which is movement!

In-breath, movement, out-breath, sound, creating more movement - it’s the circle of life, playing out in every living thing. It’s also energy moving - waves of expansion and contraction that guide the fluid movement of our breath, voice and heartbeat.

As we release our breath it can stimulate our vocal chords,...

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Life on Land Continues: Emilie Conrad Exits the Stage Jun 26, 2014

On the full moon lunar eclipse in April, Emilie Conrad took on her light body. A true pioneer, exploring consciousness through the human form, she challenged our thinking and awareness of what’s possible, and how we limit our own experience. She was at the cutting edge of many disciplines, enlisting collaborators in the arts and healing arts. She was a pivotal teacher for me in many ways. I studied with her off and on over 15 years, and have included Continuum movement in my...

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