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Total solar eclipse with fog

The Greatest Show on Earth

Apr 11, 2024

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Humans have been looking at the stars from the beginning. Measuring. Noticing and marking the change of seasons with equinoxes - “equal” day and night - and solstices, when the “sun stands still”. Assigning time to cycles of the moon and stars; day and night, months and years. The transitions between light and dark are always gradual. The upheaval of an eclipse is extraordinary - in an instant the sun, hidden by the moon, goes black. Without the sun, there is no life on Earth as we know it.

A total eclipse is a unique experience chronicled for millennia, according to archeo-astronomers. No wonder there are “eclipse chasers”! This last one was particularly spectacular, happening at “solar maximum”; the sun’s corona, sunspot and flare activity is at its peak and more visible this year. Those of us at totality could even see red spots around the edges of the moon, called solar prominences.

The earth’s magnetic field, the ionosphere, literally changes shape to open up and receive the extra energy from the sun during equinoxes. This recent set of eclipses happened within days of the equinox and are “supermoons” - when the moon is closest to the earth. All these combine to synergistically amplify the sun’s energy. At the (lunar) eclipse on March 25th, huge (X-class) solar flares erupted from an abnormally giant sunspot at the same time!

The sun’s increased electromagnetic activity directed toward the planet affects everything. It is absorbed by the earth and taken up by plants, animals, humans and all living beings. It’s believed that the sun programs our DNA for the incoming circadian rhythms of a new season. Energy is information! I’ve heard the equinox and also the eclipse energy persists for 5 days, 2 weeks or even six months afterward.

New moon solar eclipse Aries dragon energy solar maximum lunar eclipse supermoons - wow. We are getting worked over, and worked up, with all this extra energy! I’ve had a lot more dreams than usual; some people are having trouble sleeping. Off and on the last several weeks I’ve been feeling a pressure on my forehead (6th chakra, third eye) which lasts a few hours. I use the grounding technique I shared in my last blog and it dissipates. What does it all mean?

Cultures worldwide thought supermoons were an opportunity for spiritual awakening and to connect more deeply with the natural world. Eclipses were times of introspection, the shedding of old energies and renewal. Yes, we have been looking at the stars from the beginning, and wondering where we fit in. Measuring and noticing - what human qualities, emotions or events seem to coincide with planetary alignments and events? What can they foretell?

The general consensus in astrological and spiritual circles is this is a time of sudden upheaval, of significant and rapid change for humanity. We are officially in the Age of Aquarius. Is universal intelligence conspiring to break down the status quo? Are those seeking domination - expressed in authoritarianism - on their way out? It seems the battle for control of others - bodies, minds and spirit - is at a peak. It’s interesting this eclipse encompassed a wide swath of America, where there is a sense of unease regardless of statistics.

What seems to be waking up as we walk on our “shadow side” is a collective uprising for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s chaotic and even unnerving as old structures break down. Nature always looks for balance, and there is an imbalance in resources and power. That means not only an end to patriarchy, but also its opposite, matriarchy! Balance within ourselves and the collective, minus the desire to control, equals harmony.

Looking at current events, isn't it about time for a makeover? The eclipse is a shared, awe-inspiring event that has been shown to promote cooperation and a stronger sense of community (called “collective effervescence”). The sun, moon and planets are sending us signals - and the energies - to promote huge changes. They are literally encoding us with new evolutionary “data” to evolve humanity.
Ready or not, here it comes! Will you join the evolution?

Peace, love and healing -


This is my 4th, and final, blog on this subject (for now). I have been geeking out on the science; for more of that go to "Harmonizing with Cosmic Energies", "Reeling in Cosmic Energies!", "An Energetic Trilogy!", and "The Schumann Resonance".

Thanks to Spaceweather, NOAA, NASA, and the astrologers, spiritualists and intuitives who inform and inspire me!

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