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Reeling in Cosmic Energies!

Mar 28, 2024

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It’s critical to understand the exponential potential we have to resource, change, and reset our destiny at this time. Not only our personal energetic and biological destiny, but that of the entire human race and the planet. It sounds impossibly big! So as always we start simply, with ourselves, doing what we can. The equinox shift is supported and enhanced by eclipse energies right now. We have the Dragon energy with us all year long, as well as the peak of solar activity in its 11 year cycle.

Eclipses amplify the energies of new and full moons as much as 10x. They’re also coming right after the equinox, when the earths' magnetic field has large openings (portals!) to receive the sun’s increased energy directly. Electromagnetic waves contain information - like radio waves do, which can then be translated into sound. The sun’s energetic frequencies carry information that encodes our DNA (via the pineal gland) for the next six months. Every equinox is different; these are new codes and the means by which we evolve. The sun is a planetary psychedelic, affecting all living beings!

The current eclipse window started March 25th, with a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is characterized by the primal, explosive energy of birth - just like dragons (who appear in creation myths of ancient cultures.) In England dragons were regularly spotted during eclipses, with a flock of 400 reported in 1532! Wise and magical, dragons are often depicted as guarding treasure - but also as an agent of fiery transformation. They are fearsome and dangerous as they test a person’s courage, strength and fortitude.

With this overwhelming influx of energy It’s important to ground oneself. The best practice during this time is to go outdoors at dawn and/or dusk to simultaneously ground and open to the extra energy. Invite the energy in through your crown, down your body and out through the feet into the earth. Coordinating that energetic direction with your breath and arm movements helps to stabilize it. It’s advantageous to be outside at any time! Humans act as a conduit between the heavens and earth to embody these energies. We help to manifest it all on the earth plane.

The practice of astrology is ancient - it was even part of Taoism. It was the first discipline to study celestial objects; early stargazers even created an instrument of measurement called the astrolabe. Astronomy was separated out as purely “scientific” information in the 1600’s, the time of Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo. Astronomy calibrates; astrology correlates how planetary positions and movements affect people and events on earth.

It’s hard to comprehend how radical this influx of energy and information is; its influence will actualize over time. With the complexity of human life and universal forces, we may not discern its exact impact. Yet our ancestors in their wisdom paid attention, and so should we.

Keep your feet on the ground and look to the heavens!

Peace, love and healing -


For more about the ongoing changes relating to the solar flare cycle, see my blog "The Schumann Resonance".

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