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Northern lights over Callanish stones

Harmonizing with Cosmic Energies

Apr 04, 2024

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Is there a cosmic conspiracy to (en)lighten us up? The finale of the current celestial events is the total solar eclipse on April 8th (also a supermoon, when the moon is closest to Earth!) The equinox portal and “eclipse window” officially end that day, but the sun’s energy will continue to be more active for several days as it winds down. We won’t return to “normal” - underlying those events is an overall increase in solar activity. The sun’s eleven-year solar flare cycle is peaking in 2024!

On the day of the lunar eclipse of March 25th, CBS reported “The planet was just slammed with what government officials dubbed a severe geomagnetic storm, the second-highest level of NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center rating system. The event brought "a major disturbance in Earth's magnetic field" that may have impacted infrastructure and made the northern lights visible farther than usual, officials said.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is when a large cloud of plasma and magnetic field bursts from the sun's corona. It exploded alongside the strongest kind of solar flare (X-class), an event that occurs when electromagnetic radiation suddenly erupts from the sun. NOAA says these flares can last hours and the eruption "travels at the speed of light," meaning it can impact Earth as soon as it is observed. More were forecasted.

Until now we had the largest geomagnetic sun storms in six years in 2023, on March 23rd and July 22nd. The current large “energy storms” may make you feel sleepy or otherwise a little “out of it” - give yourself permission to rest. Many also have a lots more dreams! I offered an antidote to positively utilize these unique energies in my last blog, and it’s still relevant!

It goes like this: stand with your feet planted on the earth, shoulder width apart, arms at your side. While slowly breathing in through your nose, raise your arms as if you are spreading open your wings (dragon? swan? angel? … take your pick!) Imagine energy coming in through your crown and lighting up the pineal gland in the middle of your brain. Another master endocrine gland, the pineal regulates our physiology and responds to light and darkness (among many other things!) I call it ground zero for consciousness in our body. On a slow out-breath through the mouth, make a low sound as you bring the energy down your body and out your feet into the earth. This technique brings us back to an innate, primal connection with earth and sky. That’s why I use dragon wings; they are webby and feel weightier, more substantial to me.

By doing our conscious bit we participate more fully in the evolution of humanity and this luminous jewel of a planet we are fortunate to call home.

Peace, love and healing -


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