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The Need for Grounding and Meditation during a Pandemic

Apr 03, 2020

In one of my first “pandemic” posts, I talked about creating structure in your day - and different activities that you should consider including.
You can view that post here.
These are the different categories I wrote about –
Exercise/Movement ~ Learn ~ Meditation ~ Play ~ Gratitude ~ Nature
I am adding an item each week in one of the categories to keep you going! Last week it was Learn (the Energy Signatures book club), the week before it was Movement (Chakra Energetics).
This week is Meditation. There are many resources out there, so if you don’t meditate already check them out and pick your favorite flavor! If you don’t already, I have included my instruction to a simple Zen meditation.
Click here to watch now.
What I really want to share with you is the VERY FIRST THING I teach anyone!  This is something you should do before every meditation. It’s called the Hara Line, and I promise if you try this out, you’ll end up using it the rest of your life. After you have practiced this a few times, it should just take seconds to align your Hara - it’s that quick and easy. ..

This is what it can do for you:
1) The Hara is a technique that drops you immediately into the Being state – good preparation for meditation, attentive listening, and receiving in general.

Whether it’s words, food, a compliment, a “Hi” from 6 feet away (experiencing a lot more of those on my neighborhood walks) and other forms of nourishment – allow yourself to receive fully, and let a little more love into your life!
2) The Hara grounds and settles you in situations that throw you off balance. It could be a difficult interaction or some environment that makes you uneasy, or maybe you’re just feeling anxious or irritated (it helps you to respond vs. react.)
3) The Hara is also essential when doing energy work – in the beginning, middle and end! So if you are initiated in Reiki or do some other form of body/energy work, this is especially helpful for you. If you teach, or coach (individually or in a group) it’s a great way to start any activity in a relaxed, attentive, and focused way.
Click here to learn the Hara exercise.
I always love to hear about your Hara experiences! Send me your comment -


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