Learn How to Ground Yourself Through The Hara Line

The Hara Line is a line of energy that runs midline through our body, and extends above and below our body. It coincides with the spinal dynamic of the physical body, which includes our central nervous system and spine/vertebrae. It also lies along the main conduit of energy that our seven major chakras feed into.


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The Hara Line may be familiar to those who practice the martial arts – an energetic line that connects us with the earth and sky. It also can be used as a tool to access the Being state. The Hara is a reference point for Being, and we can use it constantly – before wemeditate, do energy healing work, throughout the day as we notice we are stressed or distracted, less present than we want to be, when it is important to receive information or Be with someone fully.

We work with the Hara Line and 3 points along it:

Lower Tandien
Location: below belly button a few inches, size of a
gumball, dense, hot; line grounds down between legs into the earth
Affects: Grounding

Middle Tandien
Location: below collarbone, at the top of the sternum; more diffuse and larger in size
Affects: Integration

Upper Tandien
Location: 2’-3’ above crown (edge of the auric field); “clicks in”
Affects: Spiritual Connection

Visualize the Hara as a ½” white line with the three points on it.
Place your fingers on the points as you do this the first few times. Start by imagining the first point and a line going down from it straight between your legs and into the earth.

Then placing your other hand on the second point, imagine a line connecting the dots.

Keeping both hands in place, visualize the line going from the second point up thru your
body and out the crown of your head to the point 2-3 feet above your head.

To review:
1. From the lower tandien imagine the hara line moving from that point DOWNWARD toward the earth
2. From the lower tandien imagine the hara line moving UP connecting with the middle tandien
3. From the middle tandien imagine the hara line moving UP to the upper tandien at edge of auric field

Practicing aligning the Hara Line will help bring more Being into your daily life. 

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What is the Hara Line and how can you practice it?

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