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Toward Healing

Jan 26, 2024

I just got back from an ongoing adventure with the students who are in my 2YR deep dive healing program. We meet every three months (at the Mercy Center in San Francisco) and spend four pretty intense days learning, practicing and receiving energy work. We start every day together at breakfast, with a simple, healthy and varied menu that always includes some egg dish, oatmeal, meat, fruit, yogurt, whole grain/gluten free bread, coffee and tea, and always - at every meal! - fresh avocado.

Then it’s off to our main classroom. Looking out a bank of windows at a eucalyptus grove, we alternate between our meditation/discussion circle, and me creating some (unintentionally) entertaining drawings at the board to illustrate new concepts and practices. We also go back and forth from table work as they try out the new techniques, while I monitor and guide. I can see what they are doing energetically, so, no place to hide! I'll stop at individual tables to ask (and usually confirm) what they are sensing, help with some adjustments, or point out an interesting dynamic that’s happening with their “client”.

In every class we focus on two physiological systems to work with; last week it was respiratory and circulatory. We go over common issues and approaches to healing them, with different frequencies and methods they’ve already been taught. We also learn at one at least one new technique related to the system. For the lungs, they learned how to make oxygen! Since we are halfway through the training, several students could actually “see” the oxygen I was generating from my palm as I demonstrated. So cool.

After a delicious lunch that is more like a dinner, we get back to work.

There is always a more difficult and complicated model, and its accompanying techniques, that we cover over two classes. This time it was “Chakra Mechanics”. The students go from working with the front aspects of the chakras to also include the rear aspects, that are equally important. In this detailed approach, we work with the form and structure of the chakra itself; the volume of energy flowing through each aspect; repairing separate vortices within a chakra; and how to release blockage at the roots, where the aspects meet along the midline channel.

The staff quietly places afternoon baked goodies on the tea table outside our door. Whether lemon bars, sponge cake or homemade cookies, they are hard to resist!

I love being able to take a break for a few hours in the late afternoon with these classes. It’s nice to explore the 40-acre campus (and visit to the labyrinth) during the daytime to recharge. The wonderful bookstore is open, and there are lots of hidden areas with a comfy couch to read one of the books from the East-West library (or use the good wifi connection to catch up on biz.) Then there is always the option to take a nap in your private room! This is intense work; you are training a new “muscle” to stay focussed while sensing and working with energy.

I also visit the church chapel that's right in the building. I have been teaching out of Mercy since 2017, and at some point I discovered ley lines converging in the main liturgy area. Never a dull moment…

Dinner keeps my meat eaters happy but always includes vegetarian options, salads, soups and - more desserts. All of us regularly go back for seconds, or even thirds!

We do our evening sessions in the Rose Room. It’s set up for Zen meditation with cushions on the floor. Since everyone travels, the first night there is more laid back with some Continuum movement. The next few nights we do exercises around the class theme, whether it’s Soul or Journey excursions to other realms.

Mercy is such a wonderful container for this immersive experience. Time moves slowly, then in a blink it’s over. Then its time to attend to the other, just as important part of learning to be a healer - integration and practice. I so appreciate all the students willing to do the deep work, and become a healing force in the world!

Peace, love and healing -


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