"Jumpstart Your
Energy Healing Skills"
Online Course
Make this the year! 

Taught by Bear McKay, 
Founder/Director of
The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing
Author of the international bestseller
"Your Energy Signature"

Get started learning at your own pace! Video talks and demonstrations, written materials are supported by group coaching calls. After completing "Jumpstart Online", you'll have a variety of energy healing techniques to use with your clients, family and friends!

“Jumpstart Your Energy Healing Skills” Online is a three-module course that will get you started sensing energy - of the auric field, chakras, your Hara line and in the body! You’ll learn how to increase energy flow and release blockages. We’ll explore how and why energy healing works, so you can put the models and techniques we use into a practical context. Finally, you get a step-by-step technique for a complete head-to-toe, full-body healing!

Are you wondering if you can really learn energy healing in an online course?

I only offer this course along with the coaching calls, because learning in a vacuum doesn’t translate into embodied knowledge. During Covid, my Jumpstart Online students had to wait for an in-person class for 2 years. With just this course - and feedback from me on what they were sensing and experienced as they practiced - they had some amazing results!

"I thought you had to have psychic abilities, and my religious upbringing taught that only men were allowed to heal. I persevered anyway… and the best and most surprising part of this is I am able to work on myself. I had chronic tendonitis in my elbows, and after doing the “Blocks and Ins” technique in Bear’s Online course it completely disappeared!"

Kathleen Peterson

Are you sensing energy, but aren't sure how that translates into healing?

I help my students learn how to sense and work with energy in very specific ways. If you already sense energy spontaneously, I’ll give you some context and explanation for your experience. I also prepare you to do energy work and show you how to disengage afterward. That way, you can focus your intuitive sensing and get that kind of information when you want it.

"I always knew I wanted to work at a deeper level, and Bear’s program offers solid training & techniques to do just that, all the while learning a whole lot about myself. Going through Bear’s program really helped change my perspective on life situations, how I interact with others and how I approach bodywork."

Patty Lisieski

Do I need to have special “gifts” to do energy healing work?

No! I’ve proved that anyone can learn energy healing if they make the effort to study and practice. It’s our inborn human potential that more and more people are cultivating. I have been able to help every one of my students sense energy and develop their capacity to heal. No matter where you are currently, this course will get you started.

"I think the energy hygiene practices have really been crucial to maintaining my energetic integrity. I tended to take on other people’s “stuff” in my bodywork sessions, and Bear taught me how NOT to do that! It was related to my Energy Signature patterns,especially boundaries."

Sara Chaney

 "Jumpstart Your Energy Healing Skills" Online Course Includes:

Module One
Cultivate Your Sixth Sense

After you prepare yourself to receive energetic information, you'll be manipulating energy flow with your hands; sensing energy inside the body; and sensing the auric field boundary. Along the way we’ll use a grounding technique to access the Being state - important to do before hands-on sensing and other intuitive work.
(3 exercises, 5 downloads, 4 videos)

Module Two
Start Hands-On Healing

Now that you have felt energy using your hands, you’ll be able to identify and release muscular blocks (massage therapists, this will make your job easier!) Learn an exercise to clear and gently open your chakras (feels sooo good) Find out how energy healing works, and how it impacts our physical bodies.
(3 exercises, 4 downloads, 4 videos)

Module Three
The Full Body Healing

You will sense in and balance the chakra system! Then you put it all together to do a complete head-to-toe healing. I’ll also show you how to disconnect when finishing energy work to practice good “energy hygiene". We explore the relationship between models, techniques, sensing and how they work together in healing. 
(3 exercises, 5 downloads, 4 videos)

Six Group Coaching Calls

Every other week we'll discuss your experiences with the exercises, and what you're noticing (or not) as you practice. I'll give you personal feedback and tips as you go along. Attendance is optional - calls will be recorded - so you can join us as you are able.

Integrating what you are learning is just as important as acquiring a new skill! I’ll help you really embody the work and apply it to everyday situations. And it’s fun to hear what everyone else brings to the table!

Our conversations will refine your understanding of the concepts, models and techniques introduced, and how they relate to hands-on-healing work.

There are reflection questions for each module; you also have the option to provide written answers. I will review and respond to those privately.

A Private FB Forum

For all those burning questions that can't wait for the call!
I will personally respond to all your comments and questions.

My book
“Your Energy Signature”!

Find out about the unconscious energy patterns that drive us! Understand how Energy Signatures impact our behavior, personality, defensive hot buttons, interpersonal dynamics, and physical health! Working with this model can improve our lives and all our relationships.

In our time together on the group calls, we can also delve into the fascinating world of Energy Signatures - yours, and even other people you're curious about!

Join the fun!


You can spend just an hour a week (or more, or less - according to your own schedule) to learn some hands-on-healing techniques. 

You'll want to have someone to practice on for a few of the exercises. They don’t need to know or believe anything, but they'll be happy they volunteered once they experience the magic! And everyone can use a little TLC these days…

You get to keep the course forever, and you'll be supported by me on coaching calls every other week for three months.


I love engaging with my students. I look forward to finding out more about you,
and your interest in energy healing.


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 Coaching calls every other week for three months.
 "Your Energy Signature" e-book
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Bear McKay
Founder and Director, The McKay Method®

I have been practicing and teaching about energy healing – and Energy Signatures – for over fifteen years. As the Founder and Director of The McKay Method® School of Energy Healing, I've trained both healing professionals and beginners alike. With the practical skills in this course, you’ll be on your way to developing your natural capability for healing!