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The Trinity

Apr 13, 2023

The Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Mother, Daughter?) challenges modern theologians struggling to equate the three as equal. The current thinking is all three share a substance (“consubstantial”). They are equal, yet also individualized forms of the divine.

The phrase mind-body-spirit is a catchall term meant to imply that these seemingly separate parts of ourselves are intimately connected. In the religious context, not only are they “connected” but they share this essential quality.

This divinity is intertwined. Mind-body-spirit influence each other in more ways than we can imagine. We are just scratching the surface in understanding the dynamic interplay of all the aspects of our Being. First, let’s talk about the parts that make up the whole!

Mind is the least accurate descriptor of our mental-emotional complex. Thoughts engender feelings and vice-versa, culminating in action and behavior. Marketers have long understood this; but we are slow to admit how powerful our emotions are (or even that we have them.) Emotions are more transitory than thoughts, but emotions mirror our repeated mental patterns.

Another phrase used in place of “mind” is “psychological-emotional”, indicating these bigger energetic conglomerates that hold us captive. I think a better word for this is the Japanese word “shin” when translated means heart-mind; they cannot be separated. We associate the heart with love, but its seat at the 4th chakra is related to the 2nd and 6th, which encompass a wider range of our emotional life.

Another interesting observation from the world of energy is that every cell communicates with every other cell, and also our entire energy (auric) field. This individualized field in turn is related to and can access even greater - larger - energy fields of culture, humanity, and all the Beings and forms of the earth (even rocks have energy!) How much we are connected to those bigger fields has to do with spiritual development.

We hold the energy (and often memories) of trauma in specific places in the physical body. It’s thought that where trauma is held, that area becomes “cut off” from the rest of our Being. It is no longer communicating. It makes sense that it's necessary to encapsulate those harmful experiences, but there are negative consequences for our health. Over time, as we experience life on earth and some inevitable suffering, we become more and more cut off from sources that reinforce our spiritual essence. The soul (spirit) is trapped and has less and less access to the sources that inspire, inform and help our souls grow in this life.

As a healer, working on many aspects of an individual, the power of being fully alive and connected is unleashed. We don’t fully understand the mechanics of it (which is why it defies the Western, scientific mind!) but it’s an area that cannot be ignored in pursuit of total health. We initiate the divine intelligence - essence - within. As humans evolve, we’ll learn more about this wondrous life and how yes, everything is connected.

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Peace, love and healing -


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